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Outside Information and Contract Interpretation — How Judges Use Extrinsic Evidence to Resolve Ambiguous Contracts

In government contract litigation, interpretation of the words of the contract may extend to relevant outside information to interpret the contract’s meaning. This article reviews the basic legal concepts judges typically use for such interpretation.

Kenneth J. Allen

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The Formula for Contract Crime: The "Fat Leonard Scandal" and the 7th Fleet Spies

The fallout from this massive scandal is still unfolding. Foreign nationals and U.S. government personnel committed heinous contract crimes—including conspiracy and bribery. However, noticeably absent from the charges levied at the U.S. government conspirators are any charges for espionage or spying…

Bruno S. Wengrowski

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Applying Lean to Contract Management

Four common contracting problems and the lean countermeasures you can implement immediately for big results. (Sponsored Content)

William J. Peterson

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Protesting Another IDIQ Award as an IDIQ Awardee — Are You an “Interested Party”?

You may be an IDIQ awardee, but are you an “interested party” with standing to protest another company’s award under the same solicitation? This article examines the differing treatment by GAO versus the Court of Federal Claims on this issue.

Susan Parlamento

Protecting the Nation’s Sensitive Intellectual Property: Co-Opting IP Strategies

The defense environment continues to evolve, but the strategies used to protect the DOD’s sensitive IP are in stasis. This article calls for the creation of additional IP rights categories and safeguards, and reveals potential changes to IP policy to further the United States’ technological capabilities.

Phillipe Rodriguez

Do You Know the Differences Between REAs and Claims?

A review of the differences between claims and requests for equitable adjustment (REAs)—including where both occur in the federal government contracts life cycle, the requirements for each, and the various ways they are resolved.

Richard D. Lieberman

Acquisition Reform and the Golf Ball — On to Decade #2

The latest installment in an article series focusing on a tongue-in-cheek empirical experiment, now going on its second decade, for measuring acquisition reform.

John Krieger and John Pritchard

Counsel Commentary: A Big Win for Commercial Item Contractors

How Palantir reinforces FASA’s commercial item requirements.

Jack Horan

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