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A Proposed “Bold” Approach to Reinvigorate the Cost Accounting Standards Board

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Tasked with recommending “bold” changes to the federal regulations, the Section 809 Panel has shifted its gaze to the CASB — with recommendations to “reinvigorate” it.

Darrell Hineman and Jeff Witt

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Yes, It’s a Big Deal — Why You Really Need a Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

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Failure to faithfully adhere to the government’s requirements concerning a written contractor code of business ethics and conduct can carry potentially severe consequences.

David B. Deitch

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Price Analysis: An Ineffective Waste of Time (for Most Companies)

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For many government contractors, there is a lack of price analysis, and improving price analysis in your organization can produce net incremental savings.

Patrick Mathern

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Cost Reimbursement Conversion to Fixed Price Equivalency

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Cost Accounting Standards compliance obstacles for commercial-item supplier type companies.

Tony Mackey

Embrace the Unknown: Key Considerations when Selling Commercial Items to DOD

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Over the past few years, the federal government’s commercial item procurement has become an important focal point for acquisition reform.

Leo Alvarez and Steven Brewer

GAO’s Bid Protest Process: A Non-Jargon Primer

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A brief overview of GAO’s bid protest process, as well as some important legal concepts protesters may encounter along the way.

John M. Mattox II, Esq.

Capped Indirect Rates — Friend or Foe?

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The answer to this question depends on your perspective as either a government acquisition/grant professional or a government contractor/grantee.

David Donley

The “As Is” and “Compliance with Law” Clauses — What Do They Really Mean?

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On October 31, 2014, Peterson Industrial Depot, Inc. (PID), entered into a “Contract of Sale” with the U.S. Army to purchase “short rail line services” from the Tooele Army Depot (TEAD).

Jack Horan

Contract Management: A Labor of Love

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Life is short and work is a part of our lives. But we all have a choice — we can choose to love our profession or leave it.

Melissa Starinsky

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