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Best Value: Documenting the Trades

Fully considering the potential tradeoffs during acquisition planning can simplify documenting the rationale behind the source selection authority’s decision and strengthen the best-value source selection.

John Coombs

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12 Ailments of Strategic Sourcing and How to Prevent Them

Summaries of 12 of the most common “ailments” affecting strategic sourcing and supplier relationships.

Kate Vitasek and Emmanuel Cambresy

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Procurement is Changing — So Should Your Software

Contractors are scrambling to figure out the best solutions for their pricing teams to offer the government, and the right software can help.

Holly Dehesa and Michael Weaver

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Uncertain Estimating-Methods and Techniques for Controlling the Uncertainty in Your Estimates

Just as a chef must regulate the amount of spice added to a recipe, estimators’ use of too much or too little uncertainty will spoil the estimate.

Don Shannon

Deconstructing Past Performance: Another Perspective

A common saying, such as “past performance is an indicator of future performance,” doesn’t become an adage unless there is some truth to it!

James N. Phillips Jr.

Preview of the 2018 Government Contract Management Symposium

Top Five Reasons to Attend NCMA’s Government Contract Management Symposium 2018

World Congress 2018 Wrap-up

World Congress 2018 Wrap-Up: Contract Management Disruption—Seize the Opportunity

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