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“Here Be Dragons”: Managing Acquisition Team Risks During Your Market Research Journey

Ancient cartographers inked “here be dragons” at the edges of the known world. This article explores what you should know while planning your market research journey to ensure safe travels through unknown territories.

Brian Baker

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Greater Focus: Creating Virtual Acquisition Teams that Achieve Peak Performance

As working environments shift to more virtual domains, leaders must rethink how they influence high performance among the members of the acquisition team.

Markesha McCants

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Ten Common Proposal Defects: What Bid Protests Can Teach Us About Writing Better Contract Proposals

An examination of defects in contract proposals commonly identified in bid protest decisions.

Ross L. Crown

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Understanding Salient Characteristics: What Can GAO Teach Us?

The use of “salient characteristics” in solicitations for items offers numerous benefits to buyers, but what are “salient characteristics,” and what should you know about them? Fortunately, GAO has provided an invaluable body of knowledge to answer those questions.

James N. Phillips Jr.

The Contract Management Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Guide

NCMA’s Contract Management Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Guide establishes a framework for the development, presentation, measurement, and reporting CPE to ensure contract managers pursue and achieve quality learning activities.

John Wilkinson

Executive Interview — Vice Adm. David Lewis, Director, Defense Contract Management Agency

Contract Management recently spoke with U.S. Navy Vice Admiral David H. Lewis, Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). VADM Lewis has been Director of DCMA since May 2017. Before assuming command of DCMA, he served as Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, where he led a global workforce of 10,300 civilian and military personnel who design, develop, and deploy advanced communications. His naval career is highlighted by several senior assignments in shipbuilding, including four years as Program Executive Officer, Ships, where he directed the delivery of 18 ships and the procurement of an additional 51.

Ryan Burke

Counsel Commentary — Can the Government be Bound by “Clickwrap”? Yes!

CiyaSoft Corporation, a software development company, is the creator of “CiyaTran”—bidirectional translation software that enables translating from English to Dari or Pashto, and vice versa. CiyaSoft developed the commercial software using its own funds and sold it internationally to governments and corporate customers. 

Jack Horan

The 2018 Contract Management Education Award Recipient: The George Washington University

NCMA’s Contract Management Education Award is awarded annually to colleges and universities whose contract management curriculum exemplifies a standard of excellence and promotes the competencies within the Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK).

The Last Word — Every High-Performing Brand is Based Around a Core Idea, and NCMA is No Exception

A core brand idea guides and inspires all organizational actions—both internally and externally. For our association, it’s the idea that threads through everything from communications and product design to our local engagement model and internal culture. At NCMA, our core belief guides everything we do and produce for both members and our own staff. It’s our North Star.  

Amanda Gillespie

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