Event Recap: NCMA HQ Kicks off NES+ in San Antonio


By: Crystal Leid

After nearly 12 months of development, NCMA HQ hosted the inaugural NES+, a full-day learning PLUS networking seminar on October 11 in San Antonio. Participants travelled from across the Lone Star State, as well as far-reaching locales such as Boston, Tampa, and Portland!

NES+ is a unique full-day seminar event, hosted by NCMA HQ, that broadens the way participants learn by infusing networking and collaboration with peers into the course agenda. In San Antonio, participants solidified their knowledge of commercial item contracts with extensive hands-on learning opportunities. Participants were divided into teams in order to discover the perspectives from the viewpoints of both government and industry. A key component to grasping the knowledge was attributed to the networking components infused into the course agenda.

At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees walked away with in-depth knowledge of commercial item contracts and 6.5 CPE/CLE that can be applied to an NCMA certification!

NCMA HQ would like to thank everyone involved for making this event and new program a success. We are glad to discover all the hard work paid off. Most important, we would like to thank Michelle Currier, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow. Her 38 years of contract management experience was evident as she guided the seminar.

We look forward to seeing the NES+ events continue as we head to Jacksonville in January, Phoenix in March, and Seattle in May!

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