All contract managers should participate in learning activities that maintain or improve individual competence. Select activities that support your current and future professional plans, knowledge and skill level. Build additional competence to meet future opportunities or professional responsibilities, or both. Acceptable Continuing Professional Education (CPE) encompasses programs specific to the development and maintenance of professional skills.

  • CPE Guide

    Establishes the framework for the development, presentation, measurement, and reporting of continuing professional education (CPE).


Continuing Professional Education

For credit, you’ll be required to maintain records of CPE earned and provide supporting documentation on CPE completed. Records should include the following information for each CPE-qualifying program activity attended or completed:

  • Sponsoring organization;
  • Location at which the program was given;
  • Title of program and a brief description of its contents, including relevant CMBOK competencies (see appendix on page 5);
  • Dates attended for group programs or dates completed for individual study programs;
  • Number of CPE hours earned and evidence of attendance or completion, which may include the following:
  • A record of grades received for college or university credit courses;
  • An outline and evidence of attendance, or documentation of having been the instructor or discussion leader, provided by program sponsor;
  • A certificate of completion or other evidence from the program sponsor; and/or copy of the published book, article or course.