NCMA is seeking ANSI accreditation of its Certification Program. As such, we are required to cease the practice of automatically recertifying existing certifications when an additional certification is achieved. This practice has allowed recertification without achieving additional Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours. NCMA’s Certification Oversight Body (COB) has determined that effective January 1, 2020, each new certification will not impact the renewal dates of existing certifications. New certifications will enter individual five-year renewal cycles regardless of when other certifications are achieved.

 The benefit to this change is that those holding NCMA certifications will continue to earn CPE credits for their professional growth and lifelong learning needs. To learn more about earning CPE credits, please view the Contract Management Continuing Professional Education Guide

 If you have any questions about certification or recertification, please visit our certification page on the NCMA website, or contact us at, toll free 800.344.8096, or local at 571.382.0082.