Our great community was recently honored by inclusion in the updated FAI Contracting Professional’s Career Roadmap.

Step 8 in the Federal Acquisition Institute’s (FAI) Contracting Professional’s Career Roadmap, “Attend Formal Training, Obtain and Maintain Certifications,” asks those on the 1102 career field journey to consider NCMA competency-based certifications to best serve as business advisors in government acquisitions. This is a robust addition to other recommendations and requirements on one’s journey that includes DAU training and FAC-C certification. 

I believe this recommendation was made possible by our community’s continual efforts to advance professionalism and support ways to better serve the various missions of all members of the profession. NCMA is recognized as a standards-setter by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the Contract Management Standard™ Publication (CMS™) was accredited by ANSI as a result of the dedication and hard work of leaders from government and industry. This ongoing effort ensures a common competency standard—reflective of buyers and sellers—through well-structured analysis and monitoring of the profession. 

Furthermore, tremendous community effort is involved in building consensus and maintaining the CMS™ to reflect the competencies required to be successful in our trade craft—a very important effort given that the NCMA Contract Management Body of Knowledge® (CMBOK®) and the Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) certification are based on the competencies represented in the CMS™.

This achievement is fitting to come during NCMA’s 60th anniversary celebration. Our association has long focused on building leaders and preparing individuals for the journey toward federal contracting professionalism. This an integral part of our strategic imperatives and is only possible through the powerful actions of every member in our ranks. 

As always, I am here to listen to your ideas to better serve and support unique professional journeys. CM


Kraig Conrad, CTP, CAE

Chief Executive Officer, NCMA.