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As a member, you are recognized as a leader with access to cutting-edge information, advanced techniques, and a network of peers that boost your professional success. NCMA offers invaluable resources, including top-tier training, ANSI-accredited certifications, and exclusive profession insights. Engage with a community dedicated to excellence in contract management, gain opportunities for continuous learning, and enjoy the professional advantage that comes with being part of this esteemed association. Elevate your career, stay ahead of industry trends, and be part of a network that fosters growth and leadership.

Events & Networking

  • Member pricing on NCMA events 
  • Access to Collaborate, NCMA’s private online community
  • Membership in a local chapter with opportunities to become a leader
  • Committee and Board volunteer opportunities

Learning & Development


Membership Types

Membership offers benefits for both individuals and groups! Learn more about the types of NCMA membership available below.

Individual Membership

Individual membership enables you to gain a competitive edge and showcase your commitment to your profession. Learn more.

Organizational Subscription

Organizations large and small benefit from NCMA membership. Find out why this is where your team belongs. Learn more.