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Subcontract Management From A to Z

Subcontract Management A to Z

"Subcontract Management from A to Z" presents subcontract management in the U.S. federal government environment. Subcontract management under a government prime contract is a hybrid between the company’s commercial subcontracting requirements and the federal government’s subcontracting requirements. This seminar is unique in its focus on the topics that make subcontract management different under a prime government contract.

Every attendee will receive a copy of the Subcontract Management from A to Z book. 

The seminar covers 32 essential subcontract management topics under the following major headings:

  • Organizing,
  • Sourcing,
  • Awarding, and
  • Managing.

At the completion of this seminar, participants will have a greater understanding of:

  • Why subcontract management is important,
  • How subcontract management relates to other disciplines,
  • How subcontract management is organized within the procurement organization,
  • The requirements for a purchasing system,
  • The subcontract management model,
  • The importance of defining subcontractor requirements,
  • How to find and select responsible subcontractors,
  • The subcontractor compliance and business ethics requirements,
  • The key elements of nondisclosure and teaming agreements with subcontractors,
  • How contracting clauses are flowed down to the subcontractors,
  • The subcontract pricing requirements for noncommercial and commercial subcontracts, and
  • How to manage the key issues during the performance of subcontracts.