Lifetime Certification

Who is eligible for Lifetime Certification?

If a designee is 60 years of age or has been continuously certified for a minimum of 20 years and has an NCMA designation in good standing, then lifetime certification may be earned.

What is needed for Lifetime Certification?

  • Completed Lifetime Certification application.
  • $95/$145 Lifetime Certification fee.
  • Clear copy of government issued photo identification card showing date of birth such as a driver's license, US passport, or military id if application is based on reaching age 60.
  • Documentation showing 12 CPE hours each year from the date of the certificant's last recertification date to the year that he/she achieves age 60 or has been continuously certified for a minimum of 20 years. For example, John P. Jones is a CFCM who last recertified effective December 31, 2003 and whose next recertification date is December 31, 2008. Mr. Jones will be 60 years of age on June 10, 2007. When applying for Lifetime Certification, Mr. Jones must submit evidence of 36 CPE hours with his application (12 CPE hours for each of the full years of 2004, 2005, and 2006).
  • If application is based on 20 continuous years of certification, provide date of your first certification.

It is my recertification deadline and I am eligible for Lifetime Certification, do I have to apply for both regular recertification and lifetime at the same time?

No, you need only to fill out the Lifetime Certification Application and pay only the $95/$145 application fee once.

What is needed for Lifetime Certification?

For members, $95 and non-members, $145.