GCMS 2017 Education Tracks

Each breakout session aligns with one of the tracks below. Visit the Breakout Sessions page to view session descriptions.

Understanding Contract Management

Regulatory requirements, facts, and opinions in the business of contract management are available with one Google search. But understanding every “why” and “why not” of our business is sometimes a casualty on the job. Join NCMA experts as they reveal critical areas where a discerning eye on what lies in between can help you take action.

Adapting to our Changing Environment

  • Changes Affecting Our Business
  • Organizational Change Management

What amazing times we live in! We hear of all kinds of political, fiscal, regulatory, and workforce changes coming at us, but we know so little about exactly what’s coming. Prepare yourself and your organization for known and unknown changes to be more resilient in an environment in constant flux.

Leading with Confidence

Whether you are leading an organization, team, or just yourself, there is a constant need to improve and practice leadership skills to strengthen your ability to adapt and respond to constant change. The sessions in this track explore best practices for contracting leaders.


These are challenging times for the defense of our nation, but the acquisition community continues to be an essential part of every solution. These defense-focused sessions address the complexity of existing challenges such as Buy American, cyber clauses, and compliance, as well as new approaches such as Value Adjusted Total Evaluated Price (VATEP) and use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA).

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