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A Sessions: Monday 10:15AM–11:30AM

Buy American: Complicated, Compelling, and Compulsory

A01 • Defense • Washington • Intermediate

Michelle Currier, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, Professor of Contract Management, Defense Acquisition University
Harold McAlduff, Learning Director, Defense Acquisition University

The Buy American Act attempts to protect domestic business and labor by establishing a price preference for domestic end products and construction materials in government acquisitions. But as implemented, it is better understood as generally establishing a price preference for domestic end products and construction materials. Do you understand what the solicitation provisions mean for your company? Who might you be competing against?
ACTIVITY: Attendees will complete exercises to decide how source selection is made relative to the Buy American and Trade Agreement provisions. Download Presentation

Program Management for Contract Managers—The Holy Grail of Mission Success

A02 • Leading with Confidence • Potomac V/VI •  Intermediate

John Dobriansky, MS, MBA, CPCM, Fellow, Manager, Contracts, U.S. Navy
Peter Tuttle, CPCM, Fellow, Vice President, Strategic Engagements, Distributed Solutions, Inc.

Seventy percent of complex federal government systems programs over $25 million dollars are experiencing significant cost and schedule overruns and performance issues. This was concluded by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in a 2015 study of federal and DOD IT and major systems programs. The GAO also found limited management discipline from technical and contracting perspectives. What can be done to prevent recurrence of negative cost, schedule, and performance outcomes?
ACTIVITY: We will engage in a lively discussion on program management methodologies and best practices to improve both contract pre-award and post-award contract management performance. Download Presentation

Getting to Yes: Understanding and Applying SCA and DBA Price Adjustments

A03 • Understanding Contract Management • Kennedy/Jefferson/Lincoln • Intermediate

Nichole Atallah, Partner, PilieroMazza PLLC
Kathryn Flood, Counsel, PilieroMazza PLLC

The Service Contract Act & Davis Bacon Act permits contractors to submit price adjustments for a contractor’s increased costs of compliance. While the regulations may seem clear initially, experienced government personnel and contractors know how difficult it can be to determine the appropriate amount of a price adjustment leading to disputes and claims. Join us as we unpack the mysteries of price adjustments and develop strategies for successful review and processing of price adjustment requests.
ACTIVITY: After reviewing the regulatory requirements, groups will be given problems to evaluate and share with the group. Download Presentation

Communication Best Practices for Successful Change Management

A04 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Organizational Change Management  • Potomac III/IV • Intermediate

Melissa Amdahl, Manager, Contract Lifecycle Management, Compusearch 
John Roman, Senior Vice President, Administration, Technical Solutions Group, Huntington Ingalls Industries

The rapid improvements in technology continually motivate us to change. However, rapid changes in the way we work, the processes we follow, and the systems we use are not always easy. There are inherent “people” challenges when initiating any type of change. Then there are the change management decisions centered around processes and systems. When these are not communicated properly, they can jeopardize the success of the organizations’ mission. Download Presentation

Service Acquisition Workshop: How It Can Improve Your Service Contract Outcomes

A05 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Organizational Change Management  • Potomac I/II • Intermediate

Lyle Eesley, Owner, Lyle Eesley Consulting LLC
Phil Salmeri, Owner, M&MH Design Inc.

The U.S. government spends approximately $150 billion on service contracts annually. The “service acquisition workshop” (SAW) has proven to be an effective tool for acquisition teams to improve their requirements documents, increase competition, and deliver greater customer value—and starting in April 2018, completing a SAW will be mandatory for DOD acquisitions over $500 million. Join us to learn what a SAW is, how it works, and to understand how a SAW can improve your service acquisition outcomes. Download Presentation

Cross-Functional Teaming: Contract Property Touchpoints

A06 • Defense • Conference Theater • Intermediate

Andrew C. Obermeyer, CPCM, Fellow, Director, Business Operations Center, Defense Contract Management Agency

This session will address internal DCMA contract property touch points related to the following business processes: product acceptance and proper payments, contractor effectiveness, and contract maintenance. Subprocesses to be discussed are MRB scrap disposal, cancelling funds, MMAS audits, property management system audits, contract property closeout, and contract property termination. Download Presentation

B Sessions: Monday, 1:30PM–2:45PM

But I Just Hired them! There They Go

B01 • Leading with Confidence • Washington • Intermediate

Michelle Currier, CFCM, CPCM, Fellow, Professor of Contract Management, Defense Acquisition University
Crystal Glenn, MBA, CPCM, PMP, Program Control Consultant, CenturyLink
Kina L. Willingham, MBA, Contracting Analysis Lead, The MITRE Corporation

Learn how to maximize your organization’s talent and keep them! This session will assemble a team of leaders and subordinates to share best practices and facilitate group discussion on how to be a force multiplier for your organization maximizing and retaining your precious resources.
ACTIVITY: Small group discussion followed by sharing of best practices. Download Presentation

The Acquisition Gateway: A Workspace to Connect, Learn, and Collaborate

B02 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Changes Affecting our Business • Conference Theater • Basic

Andrea Azarcon Heller, Director, Stakeholder Management Division, GSA

The Acquisition Gateway is a workspace for acquisition professionals and federal buyers to connect with resources, tools, and each other to improve acquisition governmentwide. Learn how the Acquisition Gateway is connecting acquisition professionals governmentwide to change the ways in which market research, requirements development, and acquisition planning are conducted.
ACTIVITY: The presentation will include introductory information, followed by an interactive demonstration of the Acquisition Gateway tool. This demo will include audience involvement in determining the types of examples to be utilized. Download Presentation

Switching Sides: Former Government Contracting Officers Now in Industry

B03 • Understanding Contract Management • Potomac I/II • Intermediate

William Fuller, DAWIA Level III Certified, Senior Program Director, CGI Federal
Scott Hoffman, Director, Mission Critical Applications, CGI Federal

Join this lively discussion and learn from the insightful perspectives of former government procurement professionals. Topics covered will include: “What we wish we knew then,” “How to communicate with Industry to save both time and money,” “Tips we’ve discovered to manage solicitations effectively,” “When is the best time to release solicitations?” and “How much money and effort does industry spend on preparing a response? Download Presentation

Changing the Compliance Paradigm by Creating a Proactive Culture

B04 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Organizational Change Management • Potomac V/VI • Intermediate

Andy Artz, Principal, Ernst & Young
Karl Fultz, CFCM
, Manager, Ernst & Young
Sajeev Malaveetil, Partner, Ernst & Young

In response to increased compliance pressures and decreased resources, some contractors have found significant success and competitive advantages by implementing entire culture shifts to proactively address potential compliance issues with the government. Although the change may be perceived as difficult, this new proactive paradigm can ultimately create a true collaborative government and contractor relationship. Download Presentation

Talking to the Other Side: Proposal Managers and Contracting Officers

B05 • Understanding Contract Management • Potomac III/IV • Intermediate

Wendy Frieman, Vice President, The Lewin Group
Lisa Pafe, Vice President, Lohfeld Consulting

This session will explore ways in which contracting officers and proposal managers approach the acquisition process from different perspectives, and often, in the process, miscommunicate and create misconceptions. The discussion among seasoned professionals will be organized around topics that are of most concern to each side, with the goal of surfacing underlying causes as well as possible remedies. Download Presentation

Buy American in Trump’s America: A Primer for Federal Government Contractors

B06 • Understanding Contract Management • Kennedy/Jefferson/Lincoln • Intermediate

Dan Kelly, JD, Partner, McCarter & English

This new program will explore the multiplicity of and distinctions among “Buy American” and “Buy America” statutes, regulations, and policies, beginning with President Trump’s recent Executive Order: Buy American and Hire American. This session is essential for any companies in the federal government supply chain whose products are manufactured or assembled abroad and/or whose products contain key components manufactured by or purchased from foreign affiliates, subcontractors, and vendors. Special attention will be paid to the Buy American Act and the Trade Agreements Act, especially when and how to flow down provisions and fight back unnecessary flowdowns if you are a subcontractor. Download Presentation

C Sessions: Monday 3:15PM–4:30PM

Channel FAR News: Your Home for Regulation Updates

C01 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Changes Affecting our Business • Washington • Basic

Eric Crusius, Senior Counsel, Holland & Knight
Michelle Currier, CFCM, CPCM, Fellow
, Professor of Contract Management, Defense Acquisition University
Michael Levy, Manager, Contracts Management, Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Mission Systems Sector, Land and Avionics C4ISR Division

This session will be done in news desk fashion with a presentation of current FAR updates. One perspective will be from the government view, the other from industry. This is a repeat of previous year’s FAR updates but more bold!
ACTIVITY: Questions and comments from the audience will guide the debate.

Leading for Effect: Creating a Culture of Resilience and Positivity

C02 • Leading with Confidence • Potomac III/IV • Intermediate

Russell J. Blaine, CPCM, Fellow, Chief Operations Officer, Beyond Mission Capable Solutions
Laurie Davis, CFCM, CCCM, Supervisory Contracting Officer, Naval Sea Systems Command

This session will draw from the works of recent authors and scholars to focus on the organizational and personal benefits of positive leadership. The presenters will discuss how optimism can mitigate the negative effects often found in a modern acquisition workplace. They will demonstrate practical methods leaders may adopt to create a positive change in workplace culture. Attendees will depart with an action plan to help generate optimism and resilience in the workplace. Download Presentation

The Odd Couple – Contract Administration & Cost Accounting Administration

C03 • Understanding Contract Management • Kennedy/Jefferson/Lincoln • Intermediate

Jack Coviello, CPA,  Manager, Baker Tilly
John Hindman, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly

Join us for an overview of the fundamental concepts and recent developments relative to FAR Part 30, CAS Administration, through the lens of a contract management professional. Gain valuable insight into contract management’s role in the administration and settlement of cost accounting practice changes and noncompliance, as well as the program-level impacts and unique considerations by contract type. Exercise your knowledge through activities and discussions. Download Presentation

Tactical Mentoring: Improving Outcomes Through Professionals

C04 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Organizational Change Management • Conference Theater • Intermediate

John Dobriansky, MS, MBA, CPCM, Fellow, Manager, Contracts, U.S. Navy
James N. Phillips Jr., CFCM, Fellow, PMP
, Managing Consultant, Phillips Training and Consulting Inc.

Over the past 10 years, mentoring has taken on a new life, yet it is still misunderstood by most professionals. Often mentoring is touted as a great thing and everyone is encouraged to be a mentor or find a mentor. Learn how to tactically approach mentoring to improve organizational outcomes with the help of the Phillips Supervisory Management Wheel. Download Presentation

Disruptive Pattern Recognition in Business Landscapes

C05 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Changes Affecting our Business • Potomac I/II • Basic

John J. Farruggio, Owner, John Farr Consulting

While “disruption” is a common word used now to describe the business landscape, understanding the deeper impacts is critical to navigating these waters. Predictable results are achievable in the most disruptive landscapes if the proper ground rules are understood and followed. Understanding the two types of change that exist in our world is the first step. Once you understand the type of change occurring, you can create desired outcomes and unleash new opportunities. 
ACTIVITY: The presenter will pose questions, hear audience responses, and then display the big ideas on the board to discuss. Download Presentation

Pricing Risk In Your Next Contract

C06 • Understanding Contract Management • Potomac V/VI • Intermediate

Robert E. Jones, CPA, CPCM, Fellow, Government Contracts & Accounting Expert, Left Brain Professionals Inc.

Good contractors identify and quantify risk long before contract award. Better contractors match risk to the appropriate contract type. The best contractors price risk accordingly. This session begins with a brief overview of matching risk with contract type, then moves on to appropriately pricing that risk. We will debunk some common myths around profit and fee, then round out the session with two brief case studies. Download Presentation

D Sessions: Tuesday 11:15AM–12:30PM

VATEP, A Year Later: Yes, We Have An Award

D01 • Defense • Washington • Intermediate

Michelle M. Currier, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, Professor of Contract Management, Defense Acquisition University
Katy Hurd, Contract Specialist, Marine Corps Systems Command
Bruce W. Tackett, Branch Chief, Pricing, U.S. Army Contracting Command

Marine Corps Quantico just awarded the first VATEP (Value Adjusted Total Evaluated Price). We will get folks that are currently either working VATEP solicitations or awarded them to give an update on their experiences. 
ACTIVITY: We will review real solicitations with VATEP source selection method, as well as recently awarded contracts. Download Presentation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Smart Contracts: Legal Aspects Going Forward

D02 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Changes Affecting our Business • Conference Theater • Intermediate

John Dobriansky, MS, MBA, CPCM, Fellow, Manager, Contracts, U.S. Navy
Chris Robey, CPCM, Fellow, Retired

Session content will be presented as a friendly debate on AI-driven business processes making inroads into procurement activities through adoption of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the maturation of AI business agents, blockchain applications will have significant effects on commercial organizational structures, as well as the legal basis of contract formation.
ACTIVITY: After reviewing the AI state of the art, attendees will discuss evidence and rebuttals and debate the AI proposition. After concluding arguments and audience Q&A, attendees will have the opportunity to vote. Download Presentation

To Bid or Not to Bid—That is the Question

D03 • Understanding Contract Management • Kennedy/Jefferson/Lincoln • Advanced

Jeff Shen, Vice President, Red Team Consulting

This session provides content and materials that require attendees to think about the critical issues that go into making effective bid/no-bid decisions. The bid/no-bid criteria, process, costs, and questions go beyond the high-level decision process that companies often follow. Emphasizing real-life scenarios, attendees will learn to make effective bid/no-bid decisions from all types of angles, opportunities, and environments as opposed to a singular viewpoint.
ACTIVITY: The presenter will pose opportunity scenarios and ask, “Would you bid or no-bid this scenario? Download Presentation

Common Ground—Purchasing System Expectations and Contractor Realities

D05 • Understanding Contract Management • Potomac I/II • Basic

Rebecca Kehoe, Esq, Manager, CohnReznick LLP
Jeffrey Shapiro, CPA, Senior Manager, Government Contracting Industry Practice, CohnReznick LLP 

The DFARS Business Systems Rule and recent GSA contracts have given rise to a new activism with respect to purchasing systems. Firms that never thought they would see a CPSR are scheduled for a review or have signed a contract that obligates them to one. Are you ready? This session discusses the government’s expectations versus contractor realities in the CPSR process and shows where common ground exists for both parties. 
ACTIVITY: Participants will answer questions related to government procurement expectations and actual contractor procurement activities. Download Presentation

The New Frontier of Cyber Clauses: A Call to Action for Contractors

D06 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Changes Affecting our Business • Potomac III/IV • Basic

Mike Cullen, CISA, CISSP, CIPP/US, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly
Michael Wright, CCSFP, CISA, CPA, PMP
, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly

Cyber clauses now require contractors to protect their own information systems that process, store, or transmit federal information. While costs associated with compliance can be significant, costs of noncompliance could be potentially catastrophic to contractors. Attend this session to understand the types of federal information that contractors must protect, key rulings and guidance, applicability of requirements, potential impacts of noncompliance, compliance strategies, and lessons learned.
ACTIVITY: Attendees will participate in polls conducted at various checkpoints throughout the session. Download Presentation

E Sessions: Tuesday, 2:00PM–3:15PM

Overview of Continuous Process Improvement

E01 • Leading with Confidence • Washington • Intermediate

Henry F. Garcia, CPSM, C.P.M., Adjunct Professor, Webster University

This interactive session provides insights into nature, scope, and methods of continuous process improvement, as part of Total Quality Management, relative to bringing about business performance improvement through enhanced requirements definition, greater process improvement, efficient waste elimination, improved customer satisfaction, and desirable employee satisfaction—culminating in building a “culture of improvement” within an organization. Download Presentation

Preparing for a Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)—Hot Topics

E02 • Defense • Potomac V/VI • Intermediate

John C. Foley, Supervisory Procurement Analyst, DCMA CPSR Group
Andrew C. Obermeyer, CPCM, Fellow, Director, Business Operations Center, Defense Contract Management Agency

Specific report elements will be addressed in detail such as commercial item determinations, counterfeit electronic parts compliance, and ongoing changes to our view of the supply chain process. The session will address the apprehension and concerns accompanying a CPSR. Hear about the actions required from the contractor before, during, and after a CPSR, including the CPSR steps and the timelines for all parties involved. Download Presentation

Welcome to the Debriefing

E03 • Understanding Contract Management • Kennedy/Jefferson/Lincoln • Intermediate

Michelle Currier, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, Professor of Contract Management, Defense Acquisition University
Bridget Gauer, Acting Program Director, National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) 

Government and industry will discuss and role play best practices in debriefings. With the new OFPP Mythbusters #3 as the backdrop, let's get over the fear of protests and let's get down to the real business of why we conduct debriefings.
ACTIVITY: We’ll assemble a panel of seasoned industry and government professionals to form Team Industry and Team Government for a lively discussion on the attributes of a good debriefing. Download Presentation

Lessons Learned from Transactional Data Reporting: A Year in the Life

E04 • Understanding Contract Management • Potomac I/II • Intermediate

Leo Alvarez, Manager, Baker Tilly
Jeff Clayton
, Principal, Baker Tilly

It has been a year since GSA unveiled the most significant change to the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program in over two decades—the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot program. This presentation will explore the intended outcomes of the program, difficulties experienced by contractors in a post-TDR world, and practical steps taken by contracts professionals to overcome those challenges. Download Presentation

Similarities and Differences Between Government Subcontracts and Prime Contracts

E05 • Understanding Contract Management • Potomac III/IV • Basic

Dr. Mike Criss, CPCM, Fellow, Senior Fellow, Fluor

A discussion of the similarities and differences that exist between government subcontracts and prime contracts. Download Presentation

Avoiding, Defending, and Managing High-Stakes Supply Chain Disputes

E06 • Adapting to our Changing Environment - Changes Affecting our Business • Conference Theater • Intermediate

Rosemary Coates, President, Blue Silk Consulting
Sarah Rathke
, Esquire, Partner, Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

This session will discuss the common characteristics of high-stakes supply chain disputes. We will discuss how to see high-stakes disputes coming, how to mitigate them in real time, and how to manage them when they do result in litigation. We will discuss how executives can limit their legal spend and achieve the best outcomes. Download Presentation

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