Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover aspects of a price proposal that generate questions
  2. Determine what pricing requirements guarantee follow-up questions
  3. Identify the one assumption that sellers make that can kill their proposal
CMBOK Competency:, “Responding to Solicitations”; 5.1, “Cost or Price Analysis”

Level of difficulty: Intermediate


Marsha Lindquist, CP APMP, NCMA Fellow

Granite Leadership Strategies

Marsha Lindquist is an experienced price proposal manager & contracts professional.  She is an expert in cost proposal management, development & pricing strategy. Marsha has built a tradition of quality consulting to Government contractors for over 30 years. She has wide-ranging experience with Government contracting firms–mostly scientific & high technology companies. Marsha is adept in persuasive pricing that wins & is masterful in authoring customer-focused winning pricing strategies. Marsha works with her clients on concepts that help people cut through the irrelevant, zero in on the things that distinguish, and create value. She is described by clients as tenacious and a true pro.  Ms. Lindquist has achieved the distinguished titles of NCMA Fellow, APMP Fellow & APMP Practitioner.