National Committees and Their Missions
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The new governance structure provides more occasions for chapters and the national headquarters to collaborate on future association-wide decisions.

NCMA members who have an interest in supporting and aiding the advancement of NCMA’s governance, and wish to run for election must personally submit the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Resume
  • Statement of Interest
  • Confirm no conflict of interest
  • Provide signature

Submit your Statement of Interest* from January 1–31 for one of seven seats across five national committees (listed below). Each of these five national committees has a unique mission** for the betterment of NCMA. They include:

Professional Development & Certification

This committee is responsible for establishing strategies for the advancement of NCMA’s professional development and certification functions—to include enhancing the quality and availability of professional education and certification in contract management offered not only by NCMA, but also by other current and potential education providers.

Member Engagement
This committee oversees member engagement and relations and is responsible for the development of standards that enable effective chapter operations and practices.

Audit & Risk
This committee oversees the independent audit and risk assessment of NCMA’s financial records.

Governance & Ethics
This committee oversees NCMA’s governance structures, ethics, policies, performance, and practices.

Strategic Planning

This committee oversees NCMA’s strategic management processes, including examining mission, vision, and values statements for currency and relevancy; conducting environmental scans; reviewing and recommending revisions to the strategic objectives; reviewing current strategies, and generating and evaluating alternatives; revising the strategic plan, as necessary; and measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of strategies and progress toward objectives.

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*Involves comprehensive review. Not all submissions will be accepted.
**In review for fiscal year 2020.