NCMA is looking for senior level professionals with experience in one or more of the following:

  • state and local contracting,

  • supply chain,

  • finance,

  • NCMA chapter leadership, or

  • NCMA national leadership. 

Submit your statement of interest to the Nominations and Election Committee by January 31, 2018. Send submissions and questions to NCMA's national secretary, Tanya Russick, at elections@ncmahq.org or 571-382-1124.


What should my statement of interest include?

A current résumé with a list of professional positions held and academic degrees awarded, a list of NCMA and other volunteer positions held, and awards received. (The résumé must not exceed two pages.)

A statement of interest including:

  1. an explanation of what the member believes he or she can contribute to the association;
  2. his/her vision for the association
  3. statement signifying an understanding of the time and travel commitments of the office
  4. statement that the member has no personal or employer barriers to performance of the duties and commitment of the office. 

Format: The statement of interest must not exceed 300 words and need not repeat information in the member's résumé. The resume and statement of interest will not exceed a combined total of three 8.5x11” pages. Each sheet will be single spaced with 12 pitch font and 1 inch margins.

Board of Directors FAQ

What are the time and travel commitments to serve on the board?

Board members attend three board meetings a year in conjunction with our major educational events (World Congress, Government Contract Management Symposium, and SubCon Training Workshops). Board members also serve on 1–2 committees during the year. For specific duties and responsibilities, please refer to policy 2-1 Board of Directors (June 2015).

How long do board members serve?

Board members serve for three program years. The program year begins July 1 and ends June 30 the following year.

Are board membership dues complimentary?

No, each board member pays his or her own dues. Board members must be members of NCMA in good standing for the entirety of their term.

Which policy outlines the requirements for the board election and statements of interest?

5-12 National Election Policy (May 2016)

When will I know if I’ve been selected for the ballot?

Final decisions will be made no later than Friday, February 10. The election will begin on February 15.