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The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding NCMA Fellows, stimulate continuous contributions to NCMA and the contract management profession by Fellows, and recognize accomplishments at the Chapter and National levels.


Applies to all NCMA Fellows who are current members of NCMA.

Presentation and Award

The award will be presented at NCMA World Congress. The winner(s) will be responsible for paying any travel costs associated with receiving the award. Winners(s) will receive a plaque and recognition in the Contract Management magazine.


Nominations will be made by chapter presidents, the chair for the Council of Fellows, or any NCMA Fellow. If the nominee is a current Chapter President, the nominations should come from the Chapter Vice President. Nominations must be submitted by December 1. Submissions must be sent to awards@ncmahq.org.

Evaluation Process

The list of nominations will be compiled by the National Office and posted electronically for review by the Awards and Honors Working Group. A subcommittee shall review the nominations, apply the evaluation criteria, and recommend the winner(s). The Awards and Honors Working Group will review the subcommittee’s recommendations and approve the final selection. Once the decision is final, the Awards and Honors Working Group will notify the NCMA staff and Executive Director to prepare for the presentation. Final decisions will be made by January 31.

Evaluation Criteria

Outstanding Fellow recognition will be determined on the actions of a Fellow who:

  • Has made significant contributions in service to NCMA at the Chapter and/or National level since becoming a Fellow;
  • Mentors others and sets an example of outstanding NCMA leadership;
  • Has made continuing contributions to the contract management profession in their career achievements.

How to Submit

The following format should be used for nominations: A nomination letter signed by a Chapter President or Vice President that includes the nominee’s full name, date the individual he/she became a Fellow, a recommendation supporting the nomination with emphasis on the award evaluation criteria stated above, and documentation supporting the nomination.