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The Fellow designation recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of contracting and to NCMA. It is the second highest award given by the Association. The first three Fellows (Stuart Davidson, Bert DuMars, and Sy Gottlieb) were approved by the Executive Council on January 9, 1967. Although the specific criteria have evolved over time, the broad categories of service required for selection as an NCMA Fellow have remained the same.

Fellows Charge

  • Continuous support in a leadership role for NCMA and the contract management
  • Participation as a member of the Council of Fellows and as an active member of your
    local chapter;
  • Contributors to efforts to enhance and expand the professional acceptance of NCMA
    membership and certification;
  • Mentors for the development of new NCMA leaders.

Council of Fellows

All new Fellows become a member of the Council of Fellows, and are encouraged to participate as members of the Council. While the specific activities of the Council may change over time, the overall charter and mission of the Council of Fellows is expected to remain essentially as follows:

Charter and Mission of the Council of Fellows

  • Channel resources for use by NCMA’s President and President-Elect toward the
    fulfillment of the Association’s goals and objectives;
  • Offer opportunities to participate in and guide the Association’s future direction;
  • Foster a forum for roundtable discussions of issues affecting the contract management


Applies to all NCMA members.

Presentation and Award:

This award will be presented at one of NCMA’s World Congress. Winners will be responsible for paying for any travel costs associated with receiving the award. Winners will receive: a Fellow certificate, recognition in the Contract Management magazine, and an NCMA Fellow membership pin.


Members may submit their applications to their Chapter Fellow Chairperson or Chapter President. Applications must be signed by the Chapter Fellow Chairperson or Chapter President. If the application is for either of those two positions, then the application must be signed by the other position. Nominations must be submitted to awards@ncmahq.org December 1. The applicant must provide all such documentation (to include copies of papers, certificates, diplomas or transcripts) electronically in one integrated document.

Evaluation Process:

The list of nominations received will be complied by the National Office. All award nominations will be posted electronically for review by the Awards and Honors Working Group. The Awards and Honors Working Group may appoint a subcommittee to review the nominations, apply the criteria, recommend selections, and notify the Awards and Honors Working Group of their recommendations. If a majority of the sub-committee members concur on recommendation of an individual, the Awards and Honors Working Group will normally accept the recommendation and notify the National Office of the selection. Any disagreements regarding recommendations will be resolved by the Awards and Honors Working Group Chairperson. Decisions will be made by March 1.

Evaluation Criteria:

The criteria in the application consist of nine categories with 29 maximum points obtainable. A minimum of 17.0 points is required to be eligible for the Fellow Award.


The following application format and instructions shall be used for all applications. Please note any section that requires documentation. Documentation must be sent along with the Fellow application. An application with missing documentation will not be accepted.

The application for Program Year 2019-2020 is being revised. Please contact Shirley Iannizzi for further information (siannizzi@ncmahq.org). Thank you!