Chapter Excellence Award


The Chapter Excellence Award is designed to recognize the most outstanding chapters based on a set criteria for determination.


Chapters with completed Chapter Annual Reports on file for the 2017-2018 Program Year are eligible. 

Presentation and Award

The award will be presented in December in conjunction with the Government Contract Management Symposium (GCMS). The winner(s) will be responsible for paying for any travel costs associated with receiving the award. Winner(s) will receive a plaque/trophy and a custom banner for their website.


Applications are to be completed and submitted electronically. Applications are due August 31 to be considered for any category of the Chapter Excellence Awards. Questions should be addressed to


The list of evaluations will be compiled by the National Office and posted electronically for review by the Chapter Excellence Awards Review Team. The Review Team shall review, evaluate, apply the criteria, and determine the winners. The Awards and Honors Working Group Chair will review the Review Team’s recommendations and approve the final selection. Once the decision is final, the Awards and Honors Working Group Chair will notify the NCMA staff and Executive Director to prepare for the presentation.

Review of Scoring Summaries

The evaluators will review all forms. The evaluators are required to submit the scores of all chapter reviews to the Awards and Honors Working Group Chair. The Awards and Honors Working Group Chair will review the scores from all chapter submissions, validate the evaluators’ selections, and approve the final rating. Preliminary scores will be submitted to the National Office no later than October 31. The National Office will notify chapter presidents by e-mail shortly thereafter.  Any questions regarding the evaluators’ final decisions must be sent to

Selection of Winners

The Chapter Excellence Awards Review Team will submit a scoring summary to the Awards and Honors Chair. The Awards and Honors Chair will send the top-level scoring summary to the Executive Director and the NCMA President. The National Office will publish final Chapter Excellence Award ratings on/about November 15.

Awards will be given by chapter size. Chapter size is divided into small, medium and large. The number of awards distributed in each category is based on the overall percentage of chapters that fall in that category.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluations will be based on the total combination of the following categories, also referred to as the Foundational Four:   

  • Chapter Leadership (leader training, succession planning, strategic planning, elections)
  • Chapter Operations (chapter reporting, fiscal responsibility, chapter communications)
  • Member Involvement (member recruitment, retention, community outreach, individual member contributions)
  • Member Services (certification, education, chapter unique products or services)