NCMA Chapter Press Release Advice

The first thing you need to do is create something short and compelling. Take a look at some recent NCMA releases for your reference; You can use these as the guide for your release (enter the exact date – change up quotes etc.).

You’ll want to announce something compelling and provide some interesting details. The release should never be longer than a page. Try to provide data or a statistic if its relevant. It should contain a little information about your chapter, and provide you as a contact in case they want more information. I generally like to include a quote if possible to make the press release scanable. Make sure the quote is substantive. 


Press Release advice from MarketingProfs

Press Release advice from PR Newswire

Sending the release:

A lot of services used by larger organizations (like NCMA or a larger for profit) actually send the release out to relevant news outlets. However in the case of most chapters I would just research the best papers in your area and find out from their website who to send the release to.

Putting the release on NCMA letter head makes it look professional. You should be able to find your release here. Please send a request to if you would like a letterhead image with your chapter name. Please do not use the NCMA logo in the press release, because it could create confusion – we want people to know the news is coming from your chapter!