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Welcome to the NCMA Advancing Professionals Community!

Advancing Professionals Community
Welcome to the Advancing Professionals Community (APC) page of the NCMA website! This is the central location for individuals who are interested in learning from and building relationships with other professionals in the contract management field. We welcome professionals who are new to the field, those who are looking to advance their careers and those who can offer guidance and mentoring. There are many ways to get involved and the sharing of information is highly encouraged! 


Previously called the “New Professionals Community”, the APC was established in the Spring of 2012 to promote the development of individuals in the contract management career field and bring together a diverse group of professionals with similar interests. The APC was founded to build a community of emerging leaders looking to engage, network and map the future of the contracting profession.

The APC Leadership Council is formed by NCMA members from across the nation: Luisa A. Martinez-Medina (Rio Grande Chapter), Khadra Abdulkareem (Tyson’s Chapter), Allie Stanzione (Boston Chapter) and Marcus Soriano (Tyson’s Chapter). The team is hard at work developing new ways to expand the APC while supporting the mission and vision of NCMA.



The APC strives to promote the personal and professional development of its members. By joining the APC, you can:

  • Connect with, learn from and build a network of contract management professionals across the globe;

  • Share and receive valuable information on topics such as career progression, leadership development and business successes;

  • Take advantage of formal and informal mentoring opportunities;

  • Stay connected with issues surrounding the contract management career field; and 

  • Gain access to valuable resources to guide your personal and professional development.

“Brought to you by APC”

Be sure to check out NCMA CM Magazine for the latest articles brought to you by the APC!

Dec 2014 - “How To Boost Your Contract Management Career”, by Allie Stanzione

How to get involved

Participate in a National APC event! 

Join us at the next National conference and get to know fellow your APC members. Check this page often for event updates!

Contribute to the online discussion!

Connect with the APC on LinkedIn, a great outlet to share and receive valuable information. We encourage you to post articles, ask questions and share thoughts so we can stay connected!

Submit an article!

Are you interested in submitting an article to NCMA CM Magazine? The APC can sponsor related articles and the author will be recognized on our website and LinkedIn pages!

Be an advocate!

Help us spread the word about the APC! Invite chapter members and leaders to become a part of the community!

Be a mentor!

The APC welcomes experienced contracting professionals who are willing to offer guidance and mentoring to other community members!

Join the leadership council!

We are always looking for emerging leaders to help us grow and expand the community! The APC has several roles available on the leadership council and welcomes any members looking to get more involved!

Host a community based event at your local chapter!

Not only can members get involved with the APC, but chapters can as well! The APC can help you host a community based event in your own chapter. Click here to learn more about APC outreach initiatives. Or reach out to your chapter leadership!

Establish a community based program in your local chapter!

The Boston Chapter has successfully established a community based program called the Advancing Professionals Program (APP) designed to promote the personal and professional development of its members. The APC can help your chapter create its own community based program as well!

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for new events!