You worked hard to become a certified contract management professional. To maintain your certification status, you are required to become recertified periodically.

What is Recertification?

CPCM™, CFCM™, and CCCM™ designees are required to recertify by December 31st of the fifth year following certification, and every five years thereafter. For example, those certified in 2019 will recertify in 2024. Recertification ensures that Certificants have maintained and improved their knowledge and competence in the contract management field.

NOTE: Each certification stands on its own and there is no alignment process of certifications by NCMA. Effective 1 January 2020, NCMA Certification Oversight Body (COB) has determined that each new certification will not impact the renewal dates of existing certifications. Recertification for each certification must be initiated with a separate application and fee.

Application Process & Fees:

Reminder notices are sent to certificants who are due to recertify. Recipients are asked to return their completed recertification application form along with proof of the completion of 60 CPE hours for CFCM™ and CCCM™ and 100 CPE hours for CPCM™ within the previous five-year period and the recertification processing fee ($95 for members and $145 for nonmembers).

Designees have until December 31 of their recertification year to return their application.

  • The review period for complete recertification applications can take up to 15 business days. During the Certification Department’s busy season (November– March), the review process can take up to 25 business days.
  • The review period for incomplete applications or those missing information can take longer. The Certification Department will notify applicants who are missing information via e-mail to let them know what documentation is still needed.

Once an application has been approved, the designee is notified and is recertified for another three or five-year period, depending on the certification.

To remain in good standing, recertification designees must submit their recertification application and fee by December 31 of the year in which recertification is due. Between the period of January 1 and March 31 following the recertification date, an additional nonrefundable fee of $75 will be assessed. After March 31, the certification(s) will be expired. If an active certification is desired, the current certification process must be followed.


You worked hard to earn your certification. Don’t jeopardize this accomplishment by letting your certification status lapse. Start the recertification process today by clicking the below link associated with your certification.