All NCMA exams contain competency‐based, objective‐type questions presented in a multiple-choice format.

There are two options for how the exam is administered. Options include Online Proctored (OLP) exams or in-person exams at Kryterion Testing Centers. These two options are outlined below.

Note: Applications must be NCMA‐approved prior to scheduling for the exam.

Online Proctored (OLP) Exams

This is Kryterion's newest option to take an NCMA exam. The flexibility of this exam allows you to take your exam around your schedule, whether day or night. Online Proctored (OLP) exams are available for three of NCMA Certifications; CFCMTM, CCCMTM, and CCMATM.

In order to take an OLP exam you must meet Kryterion's requirements and protocols:

  • Have an approved NCMA application
  • Meet Kryterion's technology requirements
  • Testing Environment Requirements
    • Breaks during an exam are not allowed.
    • Your room must be well lit, quiet, and free of distractions.
    • Your immediate surroundings must be clutter-free. There is only one active computer, one active monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse.
    • No test aids are authorized.
    • You must not wear a lanyard, badge, hat, watch, or jewelry. (Remove them before the exam starts.)
    • You may not interact with anyone – aside from online support staff – during your exam.
    • You may not use dual monitors.
    • Do not lean out of the camera view during your exam. A proctor must be able to see you at all times.
    • Cell phones or any other “smart” devices are not permitted in the testing area.
    • Reading the exam aloud or talking is prohibited.

Note: If the testing environment or system set-up are not satisfactory, you will receive instructions to help you correct the issue(s). Once Kryterion approves the adjustments, your exam will resume.

Failure to satisfy the preceding requirements or follow instructions can lead to termination of your exam and forfeiture of your payment. Additionally, NCMA will be notified.

In-Person Exams

In-person exams are available for all NCMA Certifications; CPCMTM, CFCMTM, CCCMTM, and CCMATM. Exams are administered at Kryterion Testing Centers, depending on the examination site chosen. The exams will only be scheduled during Kryterion Testing Centers' hours of operation.


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