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The Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK) outlines the key terms, skills, and knowledge necessary to work in the contract management profession.

Explore each of the five major CMBOK competencies in more detail. Find the latest articles and resources centered around each particular competency of the CMBOK and learn how to apply these best practices.

What is the CMBOK?

Contract Management Body of Knowledge

CMBOK - Pre-Award


Pre-Award The pre-award contract management competencies cover a variety of areas that impact contract management. A fundamental understanding of these areas is important before awarding and managing contracts, which is why they are in the “pre-award” category. 

CMBOK - Planning & Strategy

Acquisition Planning & Strategy 

Acquisition Planning & Strategy The acquisition planning and strategy competencies cover the beginning of the acquisition cycle from planning to protest. These competencies review important considerations and decisions that are necessary to form a successful contract.

CMBOK - Post Award


Post-Award After a contract is awarded there are many significant and important activities required that often determine the success of the contract. Post-award contract administration competencies are equally critical to successful performance.

CMBOK - Specialized Knowledge Areas

Specialized Knowledge Areas 

Specialized Knowledge Areas Specialized knowledge areas require additional contract management skills that are over and above those presented in the pre-award, acquisition planning and strategy, and post-award competencies.

CMBOK - Business


Business  All contract managers must understand various aspects of business. In order to make sound business decisions, contract managers’ skill sets should go beyond knowing the contract’s terms and conditions; they must also know about the marketplace in which their organization operates, including finance, economics, and accounting.