NCMA's education partner program incorporates a formalized application and renewal process that includes an audit of applicant curriculum related to NCMA's the Contract Management StandardTM (CMSTM) and audit of the experience, certifications, and qualifications of the institution's instructor staff.

Brochure & Sample Application

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An NCMA Education Partner—Certified is authorized to state in writing their contract management curriculum aligns with NCMA’s ANSI-accredited Contract Management StandardTM. They are also permitted to display on their website and in marketing materials Education Partner—Certified logo. This small select group is also invited to participate in research and other projects in partnership with NCMA.

Who May Apply

  • Educational and training institutions with high-caliber, established contract management curricula;
  • Whose core values are aligned to the NCMA Code of Ethics and
  • With mature business practices and courses aligned to the NCMA Contract Management StandardTM

How to Apply

To enter into the program, first complete and submit the initial application. After submitting the initial application and prior to the review process you will be contacted by NCMA regarding payment. Feel free to contact with any questions.

Qualification Criteria

NCMA considers various factors for the approval of educational and training institutions for Education Partner—Certified. This can include contract management course portfolio, business tenure, business and social media reviews, and course delivery methods offered. General qualifications criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing evidence of a minimum of 2 years legal business structure, tenure, quality course design, and delivery;
  • Showing that curricula content is consistent with NCMA standards and how the curricula achieves the intended learning outcomes through delivered courses;
  • Demonstrating instructors have education, training, experience, and certifications suitable to delivery of the curricula IAW NCMA standards, and;
  • Using appropriate attributions of NCMA Intellectual Property (IP) and adherence to the NCMA advertising policy.

Initial Review Process

The Education Partner—Certified must be completed prior to NCMA’s consideration for the program. Once the application and application fee are received, it will be reviewed by NCMA staff and forwarded for review to the Education Partner Acceptance Committee (EPAC). The EPAC will make the final decision based on the qualification criteria. In the event the EPAC de­nies the application, it will provide rationale which may be a resource to applicants for resub­mittal. Denied applicants may resubmit (without additional fees) two times within a 12-month period from the date of the initial denial.

Fee: $2,000

Annual Review Process

At least 8 weeks prior to your anniversary of participation, the Education Partner—Certified must submit a renewal application. The renewal application will be subject to the same review process as the initial application.

Fee: $2,000

Responsibilities of Participating Parties

Acceptance into the Education Partner—Certified program imposes two responsibilities:

  1. Compliance with the NCMA Code of Ethics;
  2. At any time during participation in the program, participants must notify NCMA of any changes to their approved application (e.g. added/removed courses, learning objectives, instructors).

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