On April 22, 2019, the Board of Standards Review of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved NCMA’s Contract Management StandardTM (CMS) as an American National Standard (ANS). As the sponsor of ANSI/NCMA ASD 1-2019, NCMA continues to fulfill its vision to, “lead in defining the standards and the body of knowledge for the contract management profession.”

What is the significance of ANSI Approval?

ANSI approval is an internationally recognized third-party assessment to determine whether the process of developing the CMS demonstrates a balance of interests, lack of dominance, and right to appeal while operating in accordance with approved ANSI requirements. To achieve this stature, NCMA complied with ANSI’s rigorous policies and procedures, which include:

  • Standards based on consensus,
  • Public review and comment on draft standards,
  • Response to comments,
  • Incorporation of approved changes, and
  • Right to appeal.

How does an ANSI-approved CMSTM help professional development?

The ANSI approval process of the CMS™ identifies meaningful job tasks and competencies and provides a roadmap for targeted and relevant professional development. In addition, the ANSI approval process contributes to the continual improvement of the contract management workforce and provides a bridge between formal standards and individual competence.

Why is it important to obtain ANSI-accredited CPCMTM?

The CPCM™ is the gold standard in contract management. It demonstrates commitment to the profession, mastery of skills, and deep knowledge of competencies. NCMA's commitment to upholding international standards in certification serves to further solidify the importance of the CPCM™ to the profession.