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The Voice of Contract Management Podcast

Stay up to date on all things contract management—5 minutes at a time—with NCMA’s podcast*, "The Voice of Contract Management". The podcasts are presented twice a month and cover everything from regulatory updates to crucial changes that affect the contract management profession.

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Episode 89

Posted on 2/6/2023
Special Episode Topic: Bid Protests and VA Acquisition Regulation

Episode 88

Posted on 1/25/2023
Special Episode Topic: Infrastructure and Inflation Reduction Act in 2023

Episode 87

Posted on 1/20/2023
Episode Topics: SBIR and Contractor Minimum Wage

Episode 86

Posted on 1/6/2023
Episode Topics: OCIs and FY23 NDAA

Episode 85

Posted on 12/9/2022
Episode Topics: Procurement Collusion Strike Force and Zero Trust Strategy

Episode 84

Posted on 11/18/2022
Episode Topics: GAO and ASBCA Annual Reports; and Climate-Related Disclosures

Episode 83

Posted on 11/4/2022
Episode Special Topic: New DOD Rules

Episode 82

Posted on 10/25/2022
Episode Topics: Record Retention, Cost Reimbursement Contracting, SBIR

Episode 81

Posted on 10/6/2022
Episode Topics: CFIUS, DOJ Enforcement Policy, and Software

Episode 80

Posted on 9/22/2022
Episode Topics: SAM, Inflation, and FOIA

Episode 79

Posted on 9/12/2022
Episode Topics: Special episode on Developments Related to Domestic Preferences

Episode 78

Posted on 9/7/2022
Episode Topics: Disclosure of Workforce and Facilities in China, Vaccine Mandate, and OFCCP

Episode 77

Posted on 8/19/2022
Episode Topics: OTAs, CHIPS, and Inflation Reduction Act

Episode 76

Posted on 8/10/2022
Episode Topics: CMMC Assessment Process, SBA final rule, Transactional Data Reporting, OCIs

Episode 75

Posted on 7/29/2022
Episode Topics: Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers and Unique Entity Identifier Issues

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