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The Voice of Contract Management Podcast

Stay up to date on all things contract management—5 minutes at a time—with NCMA’s podcast*, "The Voice of Contract Management". The podcasts are presented twice a month and cover everything from regulatory updates to crucial changes that affect the contract management profession.

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Episode 80

Posted on 9/22/2022
Episode Topics: SAM, Inflation, and FOIA

Episode 79

Posted on 9/12/2022
Episode Topics: Special episode on Developments Related to Domestic Preferences

Episode 78

Posted on 9/7/2022
Episode Topics: Disclosure of Workforce and Facilities in China, Vaccine Mandate, and OFCCP

Episode 77

Posted on 8/19/2022
Episode Topics: OTAs, CHIPS, and Inflation Reduction Act

Episode 76

Posted on 8/10/2022
Episode Topics: CMMC Assessment Process, SBA final rule, Transactional Data Reporting, OCIs

Episode 75

Posted on 7/29/2022
Episode Topics: Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers and Unique Entity Identifier Issues

Episode 74

Posted on 7/13/2022
Episode Topics: Antitrust & AI

Episode 73

Posted on 6/29/2022
Episode Topics: OFCCP, Kickbacks, False Claims Act, Proposed Legislation

Special Episode

Posted on 6/21/2022
Special Episode with The DotCom Magazine as they interview NCMA CEO Kraig Conrad, CAE, CTP.

Episode 71

Posted on 6/14/2022
Episode Topics: Small Business, Inflation, Clean Energy Technologies

Episode 70

Posted on 6/2/2022
Special Extended Episode: Sovereign Acts Doctrine and COVID Impacts

Episode 69

Posted on 5/18/2022
Podcast Episode Topics: Commercial Items, Inflation, and False Claims Act

Episode 68

Posted on 5/6/2022
Podcast Episode Topics: Suspension & Debarment, Small Business, End User License Agreements

Episode 67

Posted on 4/19/2022
Podcast Episode Topics: Debriefings, Discussions, and Claims

Episode 66

Posted on 4/6/2022
Podcast Episode Topics: Cybersecurity, Pay Equity, and Conflicts of Interest

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