SRC Embraces Excellence in Contract Management by Adopting NCMA's Contract Management Standard



Holly DeHesa, Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: (571) 382-1111
Email: [email protected]

Reston, VA, May 22, 2024SRC, Inc., a research and development, manufacturing and specialized services company, proudly announces its adoption of the National Contract Management Association's (NCMA) Contract Management Standard™ (CMS) and Contract Management Body of Knowledge ® (CMBOK®). The NCMA's CMS is a globally recognized standard that provides guidelines and best practices for effective contract management throughout the contract lifecycle. By implementing this standard, SRC aims to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability in its contract management processes, ultimately delivering greater value to its customers.

In addition to adopting the CMS, SRC announces its intention to utilize NCMA's certifications in hiring. This means that SRC will prioritize candidates who hold NCMA’s CCMA, CFCM, and CPCM certifications accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), ensuring that its workforce is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated expertise and proficiency in contract management according to the ANSI approved CMS.

Commenting on the adoption of the CMS, Kevin Hair, president and CEO of SRC, stated, "Embracing CMS is a source of great pride for SRC, underscoring our dedication to providing exceptional contract management support to our esteemed customers."

SRC's commitment to excellence in contract management is echoed by NCMA’s Chief Executive Officer, Kraig Conrad, who stated, "We are delighted to have SRC adopt the NCMA's Contract Management Standard. SRC's recognition of the importance of aligning with the profession's standards from the hiring process onward is commendable. By prioritizing NCMA certifications, SRC is not only speaking the same language as their customers and other industry leaders but also demonstrating a commitment to excellence from the very start. We applaud SRC for their proactive stance, and we're excited to witness the positive impact this alignment will bring to their organization and the broader contract management community."

Download a copy of the Contract Management Standard here, or for more information on NCMA's Common Language Adoption, please visit: