Contract Compliance

When it comes to compliance, contracting professionals are expected to lead the way—especially when auditors come knocking. However, compliance must begin well before an audit, through the organizational compliance environment, by establishing compliant business systems and managing compliance up and down the supply chain. In this seminar, participants will practice making decisions to monitor and manage compliance with several FAR and other regulatory requirements. The day will include practice assessing compliance and a hands-on CPSR audit simulation where participants will practice evaluating and proving compliance through a tried-and-true three-step process.

In this seminar, you will learn to:

  •  Assess and monitor an organizational compliance environment
    •  Assess required Contractor Code of Conduct and Business Ethics attributes
    • Evaluate an acquisition process for appropriate internal controls and separation of duties
    • Analyze situations to decide if personal or organizational conflicts of interest exist
    • Classify compliance enforcement measures
    • Assess organizational policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate compliance with required business systems
    •  Summarize key business system compliance requirements
    •  Recognize CPSR requirements and consequences
    •  Evaluate a purchasing system
    •  Prove your compliance through a three-step “prove it” process for a series of business systems
  • Monitor compliance up and down an organization’s supply chain
    • Evaluate supply chain compliance risks
    • Create a contract compliance matrix
    • Conduct subcontract responsibility determination