Collaborative Contract Performance Management

In this engaging session we’ll explore contract content using the uniform contract format and recognize how performance requirements are spread throughout a government contract. We’ll discuss tips and tricks for effectively engaging a cross-functional team and promoting collaborative methods within your organization to successfully prepare and execute solicitations, proposals, and contracts! Self-Paced Virtual Training | Beginner - Intermediate | 1.5 CPE/CLP | 90 minutes | $55 member/$69 non-member


Recorded Date: 10/19/23


Government contracts are often lengthy and complex: Successful performance requires that all members of the government and contractor teams understand contract requirements that impact their activities. Has your program manager ever said to you, “It’s contracting’s job to worry about what the contract says, I just need to focus on the requirements document (e.g., work statement or specification)?” Performance requirements can appear in any section of the contract and failure to comply with ANY requirement can result in a breach of contract. A team effort is necessary to create and manage a contract both inside the Government and by the contractor.

In this session, we’ll explore the organization and content of complex Federal contracts with the goal of recognizing the importance of effectively engaging a cross-functional team to create and execute contracts. We’ll also review the importance of team roles and responsibilities, involving program managers, engineers, human resource managers, financial managers, security specialists, and others needed to manage contract performance. 

Intended Audience: 
  • Buyers and Sellers (primary), particularly applicable to small business sellers.

Level of Difficulty: 

  •  Intermediate

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to read and interpret Federal contracts and where to look to find important information.
  • Understand the value of actively involving your team in the creation, management, and execution of Government contracts
  • Share your ideas for effectively engaging and involving a cross-functional team in contract management

CMBOK Competencies:

  • 2.0 Pre-Award


  • Thomas S. Wells, CFCM, Fellow
    Vice President, Dayton Aerospace Inc.


  • 1.5 CPE/CLP credits for participation


  • $55 member/ $69 non-member

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