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Each issue of Contract Management features a number of articles focusing on the issue's topic, as well as other articles on a variety of aspects of contract management.

2017 Editorial Calendar


The GCMS 2017 Preview Issue
what’s new for the 36th Annual Government Contract Management Symposium, Q&A with keynotes and panelists, breakout session highlights, preview of networking events, sponsors and exhibitors


The Acquisition Team Issue
project/program management, finance, legal—it’s a team effort; leadership and team-building training


The Legislation and Legal Issue
legislative and regulatory updates, legal issues
(distributed at the 36th Annual Government Contract Management Symposium)

2018 Editorial Calendar


The Commercial Contracting Issue
government use of commercial contracting (FAR Part 12), commercial contracting (Uniform Commercial Code and state laws), commercially available off-the-shelf items, state and local contracting


The Compliant Purchasing Issue
audits, compliance reviews, accounting and purchasing software, compliance advice and legal support


The Subcontract Management Issue
subcontract proposal support, procurement, subcontract administration and management, ethics and compliance, sourcing, subcontractor agreements, teaming, flowdown of terms and conditions, subcontracting plans, protecting intellectual property
(distributed at SubCon Training Workshops 2018)


The Professional Development Issue
current and future education and training for contract management professionals, career/workforce development, career tracks, employment, academia, leadership training, program management training


The World Congress 2018 Preview Issue
what’s new for World Congress 2018, Q&A with keynotes and main stage speakers, breakout session highlights, spotlight of top breakout presenters, preview of networking events, employer justification information, registration options, sponsors and exhibitors


The Contracting Tools Issue
proposal writing/responding to solicitations, contract writing, contract lifecycle management, source selection and evaluation, compliance, sourcing, purchasing, reverse auctions, System for Award Management, doing business with the government, government contract lists/opportunities/analytics, GSA schedules, winning government contracts


The World Congress Issue
variety of article content, including what to expect at World Congress 2018, executive interview with a keynote speaker, networking events, and how to make the most of your World Congress experience
(distributed at World Congress 2018)


Digital and Professional Services Issue
cyber security, cloud solutions, software, agile acquisition/contracting, X-as-a-service, service agreements, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), blockchain technology, agency chief information officers, emergency and wartime contract support, doing business with the government, government contract analytics, winning government contracts, federally funded research and development centers, acquisition support contractors/advisors


The Acquisition Team Issue
contracting is a team effort! project/program management, CORs, government/industry communication, finance/funding, legal, leadership and team-building training, requirements definition, writing statements of work, agency senior acquisition officials, major systems successes and failures


The Cost and Pricing Issue
cost principles, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), audits, price evaluation, price negotiation, lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) contracts, best value, trade-off evaluation, value adjusted total evaluated price (VATEP), calculating incentive contract fees, plus a preview of the 37th Annual Government Contract Management Symposium


The Supply Chain Management Issue
category management, reverse auctions, spend management, strategic sourcing, assuring supply, quantitative supply chain modeling, supply chain relationships, legal issues, scheduling and coordination, purchasing managers, procurement


The Legislation and Legal Issue
legislative and regulatory updates; NDAA and other funding authorization and appropriation bills; FAR, DFARS, and other acquisition regulations and policy; legal issues; case law; Board of Contract Appeals and Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) decisions; contract training; intellectual property rights; data rights; disputes and protests; contract termination
(distributed at the 37th Annual Government Contract Management Symposium)