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Reinventing the G-Man: Bringing Change to FBI Procurement Access Restricted
How the FBI is strengthening its procurement processes by strengthening its employees.
By: Deborah Broderick

The Buck Stops... Where? Post-Award Accountability for Large Service Contracts Access Restricted
Seven practical and proven suggestions for both public and private sector organizations to ensure accountability, transparency, and compliance.
By: Annie Meeks

Charade Discussions: Are You a Player in This No-Win Game? Access Restricted
A particular area of protest vulnerability in the awarding of U.S. government contracts is the failure to hold meaningful discussions, which result in "charade discussions."
By: Charles D. Solloway Jr.

How an Independent Government Cost Estimate Can Help You Determine How Much Your Contract Should Cost Access Restricted
A credible IGCE will result in the avoidance of, or mitigation against, major risks and adverse consequences, improving the probability of acquisition and program management success.
By: Michael Ipsaro

115 Issues in Commercial Services Agreements for the Service Provider Access Restricted
A handy checklist for use as a contractual risk prevention tool for commercial services agreements.
By: John "Johnny" E. Miller

Supply Chain Risk: Hidden Exposures for Your Company Access Restricted
How to develop a formal process to identify risks at each level of your supply chain, their likelihood to occur, the harm each would present, and how to identify strategies to deal with them.
By: Albert L. Sica

The Federal Government's NAICS Code Process: Overdue for Change Access Restricted
The NAICS Code process should not be used to decrease competition, but this is what is occurring frequently across the U.S. government, which is neither in the best interests of the government nor the affected companies.
By: Kathy J. Clinton and M. Brent Armstrong

Managing Change During Contract Performance Access Restricted
There are four critical steps applicable to contract administration and oversight that contractors can take to manage formal and informal change during contract performance.
By: Veronica Cole Harper

Professional Development Access Restricted
The nine greatest myths plaguing students and new professionals.
By: April Silverthorn Southward

Legal Forum Access Restricted
The difficulty of recovering on the mutual mistake theory.
By: Jack Horan

Book Review Access Restricted
Something for everyone.
By: Allan V. Burman

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