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Inside the January 2011 issue...

Working With Government Auditors Access Restricted
A review of various practices contractors can follow to ease the tension often associated with the DCAA audit process.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Thomas Reynolds

Contractor Performance Assessment Reports: Past Performance Evaluations and what to do with them Access Restricted
Past performance evaluations have become critical in today's "best value" awards. So what do you do when you receive a negative past performance review that you feel is unwarranted?
By: J. Hatcher Graham

The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS): Spotlight on Contractor Responsibility Access Restricted
A review of the FAPIIS, the information that FAPIIS contains, how the government will use that information, and issues related to the protection and availability of the information.
By: Gloria Sochon

It's Time for Integrity in Government Contracting Access Restricted
Enforcing FAR Part 3 and FAR 52.219-14 against the business community.
By: Jean Marceau Lohier

Going the Distance: Taking the Lead Amid Muddled Middle Management Access Restricted
In a race, the first-place finisher isn't the only leader. Every "middle leader" carries the same powerful potential to shift and shape the experiences and successes of those around them, provided they're willing to step up to the starting line and make a strong finish.
By: Nicki Sitler

Government Contract Management: Changes and Impact on Subcontractors Access Restricted
While large prime contractors have the financial and human capital resources to assess, integrate, manage, and comply with new statutory and regulatory requirements, major prime subcontractors often don't, and have to flounder with the statutory and regulatory changes.
By: John Dobriansky

Professional Development Access Restricted
Decisive Management: Improving Effectiveness and Success in the Decision-making Process
By: Ken Fracaro

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Implied Warranties: Be Careful of What You Don't Say
By: Jack Horan

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