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Government Contract Types: The U.S. Government's Use of Different Contract Vehicles to Acquire Goods, Services, and Construction Access Restricted
Practical implications of selecting different contract vehicles and an examination of the impact these choices have on contract execution.
By: Brian A. Darst and Mark K. Roberts

Contract Administration of Unpopulated LLCs: Managing the Contract, Performance Reporting, and Compliance Access Restricted
The business of doing business with the U.S. government in the absence of any employees.
By: Bruce Bowland and J. Michael Foley

What Small and Emerging Government Contractors Must Know to Win Business with the U.S. Government, Part 3: Building Contractor Teaming Agreements Access Restricted
A review of the key elements of contractor teaming arrangements used to perform government contracts, as well as a discussion of the lessons learned and best practices of forming business partnerships in the federal government marketplace.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Where's Your Motivation? Stop Waiting and go get it Yourself! Access Restricted
Looking inward may be the key to unlocking the motivation essential to success in today's contracting environment.
By: Sara Elizabeth Brown

Software Maintenance Payments: Don't Let Them Come Back to Bite You Access Restricted
As contracting officials face increasingly complex questions regarding how the U.S. government may pay for software maintenance, contracting professionals may look to the GSA Schedules as a guide.
By: Kristine Kassekert and C. Bradford Jorgensen

Professional Development Access Restricted
Increased workload? Improve productivity to achieve more with less time.
By: Joelle Jay

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Termination--for Default or Convenience?
By: Jack Horan

Congressional Update Access Restricted
New and relevant legislation and regulations.
By: Thomas M. Abbott

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