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Inside the November 2010 issue...

The Weapons School Approach: Preparing the Next Generation of Contract Management Professionals for "Battle" Access Restricted
An unconventional strategy to improve DOD's contract management capability.
By: Kiel Anderson

Teaming Agreements: What Goes Into a Well-Drafted Document? Access Restricted
A list of issues to consider when drafting or negotiating a teaming agreement and the ground rules by which the team members will operate.
By: Lauren J. Caisse

What Small and Emerging Government Contractors Must Know to Win Business with the U.S. Government, Part 2: Becoming a Qualified U.S. Government Contractor Access Restricted
Understanding the rules of the game: the top 25 questions involved with becoming a qualified government contractor answered.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

NAICS Code Interpretation: A World of Confusion Access Restricted
It is imperative that the U.S. federal contracting office selects the NAICS and related size standards that best describe the goods or services being procured since failure to do so creates ambiguity and a world of confusion among the small, mid-size, and large business communities.
By: Jean Marceau Lohier

Addressing the Shortage of Contract Specialists: Too Little, Too Late for Success? Access Restricted
While the nation's political and executive leadership now recognize that sustained growth of the contracting workforce is necessary, it may be too little, too late given the pending retirement wave and the lack of attention to adequately measuring the size of the workforce necessary to conduct the nation's business.
By: Andrew C. Obermeyer

Vested Outsourcing: A Better Practice for Better Results Access Restricted
Vested Outsourcing encourages both parties to act for mutual benefit--and in the process lay the foundation for sustained success.
By: Kate Vitasek and Mike Ledyard

Professional Development Access Restricted
Get your employees and co-workers to do what YOU want.
By: Marvin Marshall

Legal Forum Access Restricted
"Canning" contractors for inexcusable delays.
By: Jack Horan

Book Review Access Restricted
"Source Like a Pro: Understanding Government Contract Source Selection" by Margaret G. Rumbaugh
By: Janie L. Maddox

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