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Inside the October 2010 issue...

Trouble at the Exit Ramp: Private Equity and Venture Capital in Government Contracting Access Restricted
A review of the increasing importance and complexity of private equity in U.S. government contract financing.
By: Christopher Robey

What Small and Emerging Government Contractors Must Know to Win Business with the U.S. Government, Part 1 Access Restricted
A brief overview of the process of winning U.S. government contracts.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Professionalism in Contracting Access Restricted
The Department of Defense has declared contracting as a professional career field, which is the right thing to do, but we as a contracting community must define those attributes that all of us should strive for and obtain if we are really going to be accepted as true professionals.
By: Michael A. Dodds

14 Important, Practical, and Useful Inventorship Issues Access Restricted
A useful list of issues regarding U.S. inventions as a refresher for future discussions with your management about patents on inventions.
By: John "Johnny" E. Miller

The Power of Passionate Productivity Access Restricted
Productivity is the direct result of passion in the workplace. Passion is the "special sauce" that turns the ingredients of an otherwise identical meal into a taste sensation!
By: Carol-Ann Hamilton

Major Systems Acquisitions: Managing for Success Access Restricted
A framework of contracting strategy, requirements, program management, and funding needs that are critical to success in the management of major systems acquisitions.
By: John Dobriansky

Professional Development Access Restricted
101 tips for providing dynamite customer service in the digital age.
By: Donald L. Caruth, Gail D. Caruth, and Lynda Csaszar

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Supporting increased prices resulting from differing site conditions.
By: Jack Horan

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