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Understanding the Defense Base Act: Defusing a Liability Time Bomb Access Restricted
Learn how to protect your company and avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that mandatory DBA coverage is obtained and claims are filed promptly.
By: Olga Wall and Krista Pages

Is Your Share of the Federal Budget Worth the Compliance Costs of Becoming a Government Contractor? Access Restricted
A contract manager's guide to entering the massive government market with limited exposure to costly regulations.
By: Scott F. Lane

The Contract Manager's Role in Ensuring Ethical Conduct on the World Stage Access Restricted
As a contractor, receiving the required law of war training before serving with the U.S. Armed Forces during peace and stability operations isn't just a requirement, it's the right thing to do.
By: Robert S. Wells

Strategic Sourcing with the AbilityOne Program Access Restricted
The Department of Defense and AbilityOne Program are currently involved in a strategic effort focused on customer solution delivery while providing employment opportunities for people who are blind or severely disabled.
By: Claudia "Scottie" Knott and John Qua

Overcoming Barriers to Effective Decision-Making Access Restricted
An examination of cognitive biases that cause us to make poor decisions.
By: John K. Borchardt

The Inspiration Factor: How to Revitalize Your Company Culture Access Restricted
Many managers and organizations attempt to motivate their employees, rather than inspire them. While these terms are similar, their application in the workplace produces far different results.
By: Terry Barber

Increased Risks for Battlefield Contractors Access Restricted
There are more than security risks for contractors on the battle space--with costs questioned, audits and investigations are on the rise and must be addressed.
By: Raymond S.E. Pushkar and Phillip Carter

Professional Development Access Restricted
Maximize your time: achieve more with less.
By: Joelle Jay

Professional Ethics Access Restricted
The Contract Management Code of a word or two.
By: Ralph "Mike" Criss

Case Scenario Access Restricted
Best-value source selection.
By: Philip G. Bail

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Termination for failure to make progress in contract performance.
By: Jack Horan

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