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Inside the March 2010 issue...

Earned Value Management: Does the Obama Administration's Contracting Policy Obviate Its Use? Access Restricted
Why more fixed-price contracting should lead to an increase in the use of earned value management.
By: Robert A. Marshall

A Test of Contracting Skill: Don't Jam a Square Peg in a Round Hole! Access Restricted
Assess your contracting skill with this test, which uses several scenarios of customer requirements that must be matched to the most appropriate contract type or instrument.
By: Timothy G. Hawkins and Rene G. Rendon

The Government Accountability Office and Small Business Contracting Policy Access Restricted
How GAO influences small business contracting policy through bid protest decisions.
By: John N. Ford

Contract Administration, Part 2: Managing Contract Changes Access Restricted
Contract changes management is a critical part of contract administration, contract management, and ultimately, project management.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Rene G. Rendon

Unpopulated Joint Venture/Limited Liability Companies: Formation and Exit Strategies Access Restricted
There are several things that should be considered when forming or dissolving a contractor team arrangement.
By: Bruce Bowland

Eight Ways Online Learning Can Address Federal Workforce Issues Access Restricted
From recruitment and retention to just-in-time learning and certification, online learning resources are changing how employees work and learn on the job.
By: Steve Gluckman

A Practical Guide for Setting Up a Proposal Center Access Restricted
How to create the ideal working environment to produce winning proposals and improve business productivity.
By: John C. Lauderdale III

Professional Development Access Restricted
Change your management mindset.
By: Jean Kelley

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Contract modification disguised as product inspection.
By: Jack Horan

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