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Inside the December 2009 issue...

Acquisition Reform and the Golf Ball Access Restricted
An empirical experiment illustrating the need to stay "on par" with the latest acquisition reform news.
By: John Krieger and John Pritchard

The GSA Schedules: How to "Get on Schedule" and Broaden Your Business Access Restricted
An overview of the Schedule contracting process for commercial businesses, including best practices and common pitfalls.
By: Dismas N. Locaria and John G. Williams

Pitching the Paper: The Business Case for Electronic Contract Execution Access Restricted
Automating the last mile of the contract process can improve revenue, reduce costs, and improve control of contracts.
By: Tom Gonser

ARMS--The Acquisition Resource Management System: A Knowledge Management Solution Access Restricted
How the knowledge management business process improvement initiative substantially transformed and improved process efficiencies within the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Procurement Directorate.
By: Mark Weinstein, Alicia Hayes, and Frances Smith

Government Contracting Risk Management, Part III: Risk Management for Professional Services Access Restricted
An analysis of the seven major sources of risk when delivering professional services to the U.S. government, as well as proven-effective best practices for mitigating such risks.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Shaw Cohe

Leadership and the Groupness Effect Access Restricted
Executive leaders can achieve more efficient operations by creating a sense of groupness across the entire organization.
By: Tracy Scarboro

Filling the Bathtub: Using What You Already Have to Plug the Drain Access Restricted
The "bathtub effect" is draining the current contract management workforce; however, effectively utilizing your current resources may help fill the tub.
By: Tracy Marcinowski

Leadership in the Diverse World of Contract Management Access Restricted
How to guide teams and organizations through the turbulent waters of today's contract management profession.
By: Jennifer Hastedt

Professional Development Access Restricted
How one organization recaptured over 100 hours per week of valuable senior executive time.
By: Francie Dalton

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Reforms to the DCAA: The Potential Effect on Contract Management
By: Jack Horan

Book Review Access Restricted
False Claims in Construction Contracts: Federal, State, and Local
By: James F. Nagle

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