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The Rising Trend of Government Contracting by Nonprofits Access Restricted
An examination of what comprises a nonprofit entity, some basics and unique issues with nonprofit status, as well as a discussion of the increasing role of nonprofits in government contracting.
By: R. Michael Sorrells and Kurt M. Miller

Pay-to-Play Laws: Play Fair or Pay the Consequences Access Restricted
State and local pay-to-play laws carry real business consequences for noncompliance. To safeguard your entity's government contracts, effective compliance plans are crucial.
By: Mark Renaud

A Call to Action: Removing the FAR's Restriction of Small Business Contracting Opportunities Access Restricted
Because FAR 19.000(b), and its current interpretation by several federal agencies, prohibits nearly $20 billion worth of contracting opportunities for small business consideration, immediate congressional action is needed to address this issue.
By: Charles M. Smith

Driving a Hard Bargain: The Benefits of More Meaningful Discussions Access Restricted
The standard of practice for communication between the government and offerors has been set far too low. By engaging in more meaningful discussions, all parties concerned will create better business deals.
By: Gerald L. Trepkowski

Outsourcing: The Real Question is not "Why?" but "How?" Access Restricted
A prescription for several practical methodologies that will help businesses, service providers, federal agencies, and contractors make their outsourcing efforts more successful.
By: Eric Esperne

Armed for the Future: Preparing the Next Generation of Contract Managers to Take the Reins Access Restricted
How young professionals can prepare themselves to fill the resulting leadership and management vacancies from the looming baby boomer exodus into retirement.
By: Heather Merrill

Professional Development Access Restricted
Reduce Office Clutter: Your Three-Step Plan to Increase Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability
By: Pat Heydlauff

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Certified Claims Are Not a Contract Negotiation Strategy
By: Jack Horan

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