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Emerging Small Businesses: To Grow Your Business, You Must Plan For Growth Access Restricted
Emerging small businesses must plan for growth by ensuring systems and processes are able to support growth projections.
By: Thomas A. Marcinko

Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing, Part 3: Strategies, Methods, and Best Practices Access Restricted
As the final article in this series, this article expands on the concepts outlined in Parts 1 and 2 to discuss strategies, methods, and best practices of contract pricing.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and John Williams

A New Twist in the Outsourcing Saga Access Restricted
The evolution of outsourcing in the federal environment has expanded to include the sourcing of contract specialist support.
By: Mary M. Dickens Johnson

The Brave New World of Government Contractor Compliance Programs: Maximizing Effectiveness and Minimizing Risk Access Restricted
A brief overview of recent legislation and federal rulemaking underlying contractors' increasing need for effective ethics compliance programs.
By: James C. Fontana, J. Scott Hommer III, and Peter A. Riesen

Preparing the Future of Department of Defense Contracting Access Restricted
Facing one of the largest generational transitions in American history, DOD contracting leaders must work to bridge the knowledge gaps that will be left in its wake.
By: Jonene Johanson

Professional Development: How to be Happy at Work Access Restricted
By: Kathy Simmons

Case Commentary: Erroneous Projections Access Restricted
By: Robert D. Witte

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