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Inside the October 2008 issue, Volume 48...

Cost Estimating Methods and Sources of Risk, Part 1 of 3 Access Restricted
To ensure success for buyers and sellers, familiarity with the basic characteristics of credible cost estimates, the primary cost estimating methods, and the major sources of risk involved is essential.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Procurement Preferences for Tribally Owned Concerns: Deserved Benefit or Unfair Advantage? Access Restricted
Is the success of small business concerns owned by American Indian tribes coming at the expense of other types of small businesses, while inappropriately benefitting large businesses?
By: Thomas A. Marcinko

12 Practical Reasons for Using Written Contracts with Suppliers and Service Providers Access Restricted
It may seem hard to believe, but many companies still enter into verbal agreements with suppliers and service providers. While trust may be a virtue, protecting yourself with a written agreement is common sense!
By: John "Johnny" E. Miller

DOD Outsourcing: Are Cost Savings Estimates Overstated? Access Restricted
As DOD and other government agencies increasingly rely on outsourcing to boost efficiency and increase cost savings, the estimated savings may actually be overstated.
By: Scott Schofield

The Best Ways to Define and Implement Performance Metrics Access Restricted
Properly defining and effectively implementing performance metrics allows for meaningful evaluation of contractor performance, as well as the appropriate award of fee, under service contracts.
By: Suzette M. Olson

Professional Development: You're a Manager, but are You a Leader? Access Restricted
A successful manager and leader melds his or her authority with the positional and personal power he or she possesses.
By: Kenneth E. Fracaro

Case Commentary: Substantial Justification Access Restricted
In May 1991, the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFACENGCOM) awarded to Environmental Safety Consultants, Inc., (ESCI) a contract for sludge removal from two lagoons at a Navy facility in Warminster, Pennsylvania. The contract was to be completed by October 31, 1991.
By: Robert D. Witte

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