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Inside the August 2008 issue, Volume 48...

Professional Development: Keys to Attaining Employee Trust Access Restricted
Employees' trust in their managers is vital to the success of every business. In order to build a greater trusting relationship between managers and employees, three important steps must be taken.
By: Kenneth E. Fracaro

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Getting it Right the First Time Access Restricted
A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision will have a significant impact on permissable judicial review of arbitration awards. This article examines this decision and details the "lessons learned" that can be gleaned from its conclusions.
By: Donald P. Arnavas

Acquiring Non-Schedule Supplies or Services Under GSA Schedule Orders Access Restricted
A hypothetical Q&A that answers some of the more frequent questions and concerns of contractors when dealing with issues posed by acquiring non-Schedule items when carrying out GSA Schedule orders.
By: John N. Ford and Dave Lundsten

Open Architecture: A Best Practice in Need of Governmentwide Implementation Access Restricted
Open architecture, as being pursued by the U.S. Navy, is a great step forward in realizing cost savings for systems development and engineering, improving acquisition efficiency, and accomplishing force modernization. Implementing the navy's approach in other departments and agencies would contribute greatly in achieving similar benefits governmentwide.
By: Michael J. Arendt Jr.

Change Order Accounting: Why Contracting Officers Should Require It; Why Contractors Should Do It Anyway Access Restricted
Change order accounting benefits both the contractor and the government. It reduces the costs the contrator would incur to substantiate its change order claim by contemporaneously documenting the contractor's increased costs. For the government, insisting on change order accounting requires the contractor to use its actual costs, rather than estimates of suspect reliability.
By: Jeffrey P. Hildebrant and Peter A. McDonald

Use the WBS to Improve Sales Access Restricted
Learn how the work breakdown structure is a key component in the manager's toolset that can be used to help speed sales and close deals.
By: Jonathan W. Powell

Advanced Soft Skills for Contract Managers: Improving Your Salesmanship Access Restricted
Even if you don't work in the sales department, improving your sales skills not only helps your organization to better meet its goals, but will also help you advance your career.
By: John K. Borchardt

Case Commentary: Bad Faith Access Restricted
Case Commentary for August 2008
By: Robert D. Witte

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