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Inside the July 2008 issue, Volume 48...

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The New FAR Codes of Conduct and Compliance Programs Provisions: Are You Ethical Enough for Government Work? Access Restricted
An explanation and analysis of the new ethics and compliance requirements recently added to FAR Part 3 (as well as the proposed revisions), what contracts trigger them, and which contractors are exempt.
By: Thomas A. Marcinko

Why the Department of Defense is So Focused on Outsourcing Access Restricted
In the current political and economical climate, DOD is outsourcing many of its functions. This article examines this practice by providing an overview of the three main reasons behind DOD's focus on outsourcing.
By: Scott Schofield

Professional Development: Creating a High-Performance Workplace Access Restricted
By following these tips, while avoiding false steps along the way, your company can grow and boost profits by establishing a work environment that encourages and supports high performance.
By: John K. Borchardt

The Power of Innovation: Unleashing Change at U.S. Customs and Border Protection Access Restricted
A personal account of how innovative solutions such as the online marketplace can dramatically improve process efficiencies. This article provides an overview of CBP's experience and how other organizations can replicate its success.
By: John Ely

Bringing the Issues Posed By the DFARS PGI to Light Access Restricted
Created as a means to simplify and streamline the Department of Defense's DFARS, the "Procedures, Guidance, and Information" publication (PGI) accomplishes neither; only adding additional complexity to an already complex process.
By: Charles R. Thompson

Your Checklist for Outside Counsel Legal Services Agreements Access Restricted
Keep these 70 points in mind when reviewing outside counsel legal services agreements for your company.
By: John "Johnny" E. Miller

Case Study: Using Strategic Sourcing to Promote Small Business Access Restricted
The National Nuclear Security Administration, along with the Department of Energy, General Services Administration, and a number of small businesses, formed an acquisition team responsible for awarding 17 task orders totaling $99, 443,458, and consequently, received the 2006 Federal Small Business Innovation Award.
By: Colleen Griffith-Regal and Gary G. Lyttek

Paperless Government Contracting Prohibited by FAR 4.7 Access Restricted
If FAR 4.7 was rewritten to amend the record retention requirements, the world of government contracting would be able to move toward a paperless environment, cutting record-keeping costs while saving the environment.
By: Ryan Bolger

Case Commentary: Iraq Acquisition Idiosyncrasies Access Restricted
By: Robert D. Witte

Chapter Profile - Greater Philadelphia Chapter Access Restricted
The Greater Philadelphia Chapter holds a very special chapter event—an annual small business conference in conjunction with the Temple University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). In the July 2008 issue of Contract Management, we failed to identify the authors of the article--Michael W. Kott and Faye M. Fitz. The authors' biographies can be found in this corrected version of the article.
By: Faye M. Fitz, Michael W. Kott

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