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Inside the June 2008 issue, Volume 48...

CXO Collaboration: The New Imperative Access Restricted
Issues and challenges throughout the history of government contracting are cyclical in nature and better collaboration between agency "chief officers" is a powerful way for agencies to better deal with them. The simple three-step approach outlined in this article will help these "CXOs" to acieve better collaboration.
By: Joanie F. Newhart

Open Innovation: Providing New Opportunities for Contract Managers Access Restricted
By utilizing the process known as "open innovation," companies can expand their development of new ideas, processes, and technologies beyond those developed in-house, which, consequently, will provide many new opportunities for contract managers.
By: John K. Borchardt

Permitted or Prohibited? Ethical Considerations when Dealing with Government Personnel Access Restricted
When dealing with government employees, contractors need to be aware of the numerous limitations placed on both the contractor and the government employee.
By: John N. Ford

The Professional Services Strategic Sourcing Initiative Access Restricted
Professional services is one spend area that is growing significantly across the board and remains challenging.
By: Jim McIntosh and Lido Ramadan

The Evolution of Government Outsourcing Policy Access Restricted
A brief guide for understanding the history and evolution of government outsourcing policy.
By: Scott Schofield

How Lean Six Sigma can Improve the Acquisition Process-A Success Story Access Restricted
Using Lean Six Sigma tools, the U.S. Army's ARDEC facility was able to greatly improve its technical and contracting processes.
By: Garry O. Kosteck and Lance P. Drennan

Where Do You Start With a Rookie? Access Restricted
New employees must receive structured, formal, on-the-job/special assignment training for proper assimilation into the federal workforce.
By: Bruno S. Wengrowski

Case Commentary: Subcontractor-Caused Default Access Restricted
On November 24, 2003, the U.S. General Post Office (GPO) awarded a purchase order (PO) to National Printing and Copying Inc. (NPC) for 200,005 special envelopes for delivery Decemeber 1, 2003, one week later.
By: Robert D. Witte

Professional Development: Three Steps to Set Free Your Potential Access Restricted
A majority of management personnel utilize only a small fraction of their hidden or unrealized qualities and abilities. Following this three-step process can help you free your potential and benefit both your career and your company.
By: Kenneth E. Fracaro

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