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Inside the May 2008 issue, Volume 48...

Improve Your Acquisition Process With Lean Six Sigma Access Restricted
While Lean six sigma can be applied to numerous categories of contracting, this article examines its use in improving and streamlining the processes of simplified and commercial item acquisitions.
By: John Dobriansky

Lean Information Technology Service Management: Bottom-up Process Improvement that Addresses the Bottom Line Access Restricted
By implementing this approach, both government and industry can better address the “pain points” involved in their processes and positively affect their bottom line.
By: Jack White, Scott Chaiken

Seven Popular Fallacies Concerning the Acquisition of Commercial Items Access Restricted
There are still some widespread misconceptions concerning the acquisition of commercial items among procurement personnel. This list will hopefully generate an open-minded dialog between buyers and sellers.
By: Doris Hollingsworth Gray

Building an Ethical Supply Chain Access Restricted
When ethical violations occur somewhere in your company’s supply chain, the offending supplier is almost never hit with the brunt of the blame. This can be avoided by building and maintaining a functional supplier ethics management initiative.
By: Michael R. Levin

Executive Compensation Disallowances: Is Your Company at Risk? Access Restricted
Understanding why portions of a company’s executive compensation are disallowed after a DCAA audit can help you avoid it from happening in the first place.
By: David J. Lundsten

The Fear of Negotiation Access Restricted
For many business deals that go wrong, the root cause of the failure often stems from poor negotiation. Understanding where this fear comes from and how to manage it will help you succeed.
By: Thomas Reid

Case Study: Using Strategic Procurement to Drive Contract Compliance at the University of Missouri Access Restricted
The chief procurement officer at the university of Missouri outlines the steps taken by the university to achieve strategic procurement and how this impacted their approach to contract management.
By: William M. Cooper

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