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Inside the November 2007 issue, Volume 47...

Priming the Cash Flow Pump Access Restricted
Investigating and understanding the details of the cash flow process and proactively managing the process with clients and vendors bodes well for all interested parties and supports project success.
By: Charlotte E. Lawson

Navigating the Buy American and the Buy America Acts: A Trap for the Unwary Access Restricted
With companies outsourcing more work overseas, the requirements of the Buy American Act, the Buy America Act, and state preference laws will challenge procurement professionals.
By: Christopher J. Aluotto, Michael P. Foley

The Acquisition Team: Adding Value to Performance and Professionalism Access Restricted
Whether you are a buyer or seller, establishing an acquisition team is professionally beneficial. Identifying stakeholders and understanding the requirements is valuable for the professional development of the contract manager.
By: James N. Phillips, Jr.

Seizing Opportunity in Times of Change Access Restricted
For future survival and success, employees must anticipate change, understand the potential impact, and take practical steps to turn chaos into opportunities for growth.
By: Patsy J. Reeves

Negotiating Liability Allocation Terms: Risk, Indemnity, and Intellectual Property Access Restricted
Understand how the liability allocation provisions in contracts work together…and don’t!
By: Richard Pennington, Corey Sanchez

Scared Speechless Access Restricted
The ability to stand in front of a group of people and persuasively present your key points is one of the most critical skills for success as a contract manager, and indeed, for anyone in business.
By: Thomas Reid

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