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Inside the October 2007 issue, Volume 47...

"Just Say No" to Award-Fee Contracting Access Restricted
Award-fee contracting is still performance-based, but the motivation for contractors to excel is based on the opportunity to earn longer term contracts versus an award fee.
By: Brent Armstrong

Government Contract Compliance: A Guide for Compliance Committees Access Restricted
For a government contractor, an active compliance program is the best way to make sure to get paid for the work completed. Over time, a compliance program ensures contractors retain their revenues.
By: Ralph A. Criss

Policy-Centric Control in the Contracting Process Access Restricted
Standardization, streamlining, and automation are no longer enough. Contract life-cycle buyers are now embracing the desire for technology to help them manage and enforce their business policies and have become more policy-centric.
By: David J. Montgomery

Determining a Fair and Reasonable Price Gets More Complicated Access Restricted
Will the publishing of the revision to government PGI 215.4 aid in the negotiation of fair and reasonable prices or will it create more conflict between the buyer and seller?
By: Philip G. Bail, Jr.

Where to Look for Future Trends in Contracting Access Restricted
Learning about the successes and failures experienced years or even decades ago can be a valuable tool in designing and implementing a reconstruction or reorganization.
By: Joseph J. McGrenra, Thomas Reid

Performance-Based Acquisitions--A Look at Defense Acquisition University's Learning Assets Access Restricted
Discover the many PBA training opportunities, tools, and resources that are available to the acquisition community through a myriad of Defense Acquisition University’s (DAU) training and knowledgesharing assets.
By: Pamela Gouldsberry, Leslie Deneault, Bruce Hatlem

Spreading the Seeds of Business Process: The Reconstruction of Iraq and the Creation of Global Market Opportunities Access Restricted
Contracting is a unique strategic element used to induce support from our allies and coalition partners.
By: David F. Lewis, Mark J.Lumer, Bruno S. Wengrowski

Maximizing Communication: Strengthen the Link Among Departments Access Restricted
Improved communication among the contracts, finance, and program management departments makes the contract process more efficient for everyone.
By: Crystal M. Glenn

Maximizing Communication: Strengthen the Link Among Departments Access Restricted
Pioneered by the Joint Contracting Command–Iraq/Afghanistan (JCC-I/A), the concept of effects-based contracting was employed in this case study to synchronize contracting resources and capabilities to achieve the maximum effect possible in support of the warfighter.
By: Jim DeLong, Bob Gilbeau

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