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Stack the Deck: Achieving Excellence in Contract Management by Managing the Process, Not Just the Contracts Access Restricted
By applying best practices to gain process efficiency, even the most harried contract manager can greatly reduce cycle time, improve output quality, and achieve new synergies with internal and external business partners.
By: Thomas Bertels and Rebecca Schumer

Bricks and Mortar: The Future Commoditization of Federal Procurement Access Restricted
To avoid potential disruption to the mission, agency procurement leadership must carefully manage ongoing and future trends that have a bearing on the agency's mission success.
By: Christopher Robey

Doing More With Less: The Sharing Economy and Creating Affordable NCMA Chapter Websites Access Restricted
The Boston Chapter of NCMA has leveraged crowd funding and the principles of the "Sharing Economy" to help other chapters update their chapter websites, and hopes that similar initiatives can help with other projects across the entire association.
By: Chris Mikaelian, Landon Hill, and Nick Traboulay

The U.S. Small Business Administration's Mentor-Protege Program: How Small and Large Companies Get a Bigger Slice of the Set-Aside Action Access Restricted
An examination of the basic features and requirements of SBA's Mentor-Protege Program, as well as practical guidance in wading through the myriad regulations governing this program.
By: James C. Fontana

Our Chat with Willie Smith, DOT's Senior Procurement Executive Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed Willie H. Smith, senior procurement executive for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), to discuss the DOT procurement environment in this budget climate, as well as professional development issues for federal acquisition.
By: Ryan Burke

In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King: Using Advanced Scheduling and Simulation Techniques to Control Project Risk Access Restricted
Alternatives to classical project and risk management techniques that yield better insights into contract management through the use of risk-adjusted schedule and risk-adjusted cost at completion estimates gained through the application of various statistical techniques or tools.
By: Donald E. Shannon

Change Has Arrived: An Analysis of Recent Changes to SBA Regulations Impacting Government Contracts Access Restricted
The FAR is not the only regulation contracting professionals need to be knowledgeable of. Agency-specific regulations have a significant impact on the way federal procurements are conducted, and SBA has recently promulgated such regulations that are binding on contracting agencies and contractors.
By: John Ford and Ken Bricker

Recompeting a Services Contract: Common Issues in Dealing With and Incumbent Access Restricted
Does recompeting a services contract give the incumbent an unfair competitive advantage? And if so, why? This article will help the contracting officer define concerns, perform a thoughtful analysis, and resolve the problem.
By: Kenneth C. Gilliland

Nuggets of Wisdom for New Contracting Professionals Access Restricted
Tips on succeeding on the job as a contracting professional, gleaned from NCMA LinkedIn discussion group threads.
By: Chendra Conklin

Ethics Corner Access Restricted
Ethics and the Vending Machine Phenomenon
By: Dr. Mike Criss

Professional Development Access Restricted
Lies Technology Tells: Five Unrealistic Expectations We Have of Our "Smart" Phones and Other Devices (and How to Get Back to Reality)
By: Geoffrey Tumlin

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Fixed-Price Contracts are Risky Business
By: Jack Horan and Katherine M. John

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