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Becoming a Strategic Partner: Leveraging the Acquisition Life Cycle and a Perfect Storm for Change Access Restricted
The journey to achieve a professionalized organization must address vision, alignment, policy, process, people, and technology, but in the end, service, value, and results will be driven by the capacity and capability of skilled professionals.
By: Dr. Peter Cotterrell and Kim Clarke

It's Not Just LPTA: Spotting and Resolving Issues in Lowest-Price Technically Acceptable Source Selections Access Restricted
While LPTA source selections are not particularly difficult, acquisition professionals sometimes may take them less seriously than a procurement that utilizes the tradeoff process. Most, if not all issues can likely be resolved by taking some simple steps.
By: Kenneth C. Gilliland

Using Visuals to Capture the Business Deal in the Contract Access Restricted
Different tools, techniques, and methods should be used to achieve participation from non-contract drafters in the contract drafting process in order to capture and protect all aspects of the business deal in the final contract document.
By: Milva Finnegan

The Anatomy of Procurement Fraud Access Restricted
An examination of procurement fraud and its elusiveness aimed to help you develop a more effective strategy to prevent, deter, and detect the various types of fraud in your organization.
By: Tom Caulfield

Breaking it Down: Proposal Modeling Access Restricted
A review of proposal modeling, including the purpose of proposal modeling, the steps leading up to proposal modeling, and the actual modeling itself.
By: Anthony J. Nicolella

Best Practices for Engaging With Industry in Pre-Award Competitive Negotiations to Avoid Bid Protests (Clarifications vs. Discussions) Access Restricted
A review of the best practices for communicating with industry from the beginning stages of preparing for procurement to the final award, as well as a comparison of discussions and clarifications.
By: Cynthia O. Morgan

Professional Development Access Restricted
Employee Training Trends You Can Expect to See in 2014
By: Mark Newsome

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Assume at Your Own Risk
By: Jack Horan and Sandeep Nandivada

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