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Inside the March 2014 issue...

A Double-Edged Sword Cuts Both Ways Access Restricted
Protecting your company from False Claims Act litigation instigated by opportunistic employees and competitors.
By: John L. Sinatra Jr. and Reetuparna Dutta

Crafting Compelling Contracting Officer's Final Decisions Access Restricted
Advice on how to create these incredibly important documents.
By: Christoph Mlinarchik

Look Up and Around: Musings on Mentors, Role Models, and Professionalism Access Restricted
In plotting your professional trajectory, be sure to constantly look up and around. Identify mentors, embrace the strengths and qualities of your role models, and open yourself up to learn, evolve, and grow.
By: Steven L. Schooner

Complying with the Executive Order Against Trafficking in Federal Contracts
Only effective due diligence by global businesses can prevent the continuing and largely hidden tragedy faced by millions of workers forced to work in terrible conditions, and to comply with emerging and evolving regulatory regimes.
By: Declan Croucher

Our Chat with Richard T. Ginman Access Restricted
In January 2014, NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti interviewed Richard Ginman, the director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, Department of Defense, to talk about his work and what it takes to succeed in the contracts field.
By: Ryan Burke

Efficient and Effective Management and Cost Reporting on Government Contracts Access Restricted
Reporting contract costs to the U.S. federal government can sometimes be an arduous task. However, reporting contract costs manually is not the answer, and this is where automated tools can help.
By: Michael D. Garcia

Professional Development Access Restricted
Eight Simple Cures for Employee Disengagement
By: Todd Patkin

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Delivering on Promises Made to the Government
By: Jack Horan and Sandeep Nandivada

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