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Inside the January 2014 issue...

Trimming the Roses: The Narrowing Availability of the Commercial Items Exemption in Federal Contracting Access Restricted
A method for evaluating whether your services/goods qualify as "commercial items," red flags for commercial suppliers bidding on federal solicitations, and practical steps for long-term compliance.
By: Nicholas Wolfe

Managing Contractual Risk Issues in Commercial Contracts Management Access Restricted
Simple, practical, and useful information about commercial contractual risk issues that you can use as you engage in commercial contractual risk review activities.
By: John E. Miller

Our Chat with Randall Culpepper Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed Randall Culpepper, the deputy program executive officer for combat and mission support, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, to discuss his organization and what it takes to succeed in the contracts field.
By: Ryan Burke

Difficulties in Enforcing Confidentiality Agreements for Protection of Trade Secrets from Theft Access Restricted
Existing trade secret laws have enforcement difficulties that place additional burden on business owners already facing losses due to theft. This article reviews these difficulties and provides advice on how to overcome them.
By: Syed Aftab Hayat

Professional Development Access Restricted
Creating SMART New Year's Resolutions at Work
By: Kathleen Brady

Interview Series Access Restricted
Our Chat with Angela Billups, Part 2 of 2
By: Ryan Burke

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Sometimes Reading the Contract is Not Enough, but it Still Helps
By: Jack Horan and Sandeep Nandivada

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