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Continuous Should-Cost Estimating is Fundamental to Constraining Costs and Achieving Effective Should-Cost Based Program Management Access Restricted
To be effective, continuous should-cost estimating must be an acquisition workforce culture imperative and integral to the day-to-day business of acquisition program management.
By: J. David Patterson, David O'Brien, Mark Hanson, and Joe Allen

Shades of Green: New Department of Defense Renewable Energy Commitment Presents Significant Opportunities (and Risks) for Developers Access Restricted
The U.S. Army is ramping up its efforts to attract private developers to construct and own large-scale renewable power projects at army installations. Developers, to be selected on a competitive basis, will benefit from long-term power purchase arrangements with the U.S. government. It is critical that parties interested in bidding on these opportunities full understand the inherent challenges and risks associated with federal procurement contracting and take care to analyze all related costs.
By: Ellen S. Friedman and Tiana M. Butcher

Surviving the Sequestration Squeeze with Small Business Administration Strategy Access Restricted
How to determine if an SBA loan is the right strategy for your government contracting business, and what criteria should be used to select the lender who will make the best partner for your business.
By: Rick Morgan

Vendor Management: The Life Cycle Approach Access Restricted
Vendor management is often overlooked or avoided by managers due to a lack of clarity about the entire process. The life cycle approach to vendor management will explain the five categories of vendor management that create successful vendor relationships.
By: Scott Offermann

Super-CORs: A Year in Review Access Restricted
After being implemented over a year ago, the "Super-CORs" share the benefits and savings they have been able to provide with this new position at the Milwaukee Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
By: Jason Baltutis and Kevin Baier

All Aboard! Strengthening the Defense Acquisition Workforce Through Effective On-Boarding Initiatives Access Restricted
By implementing effective on-boarding programs, contracting organizations will help develop the next generation of leaders, improve the quality of the acquisition workforce, and restore status, prestige, and professionalism in the career field.
By: Luisa A. Martinez-Medina

U.S. Pacific Command Contracting Support Impacts National Strategic Objectives Access Restricted
PACOM-sponsored military exercises such as "Pacific Angel" support DOD's "rebalancing" initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.
By: Joe Misch

Interview Series Access Restricted
Our Chat with Rear Admiral Nicholas T. Kalathas
By: Kerry McKinnon Hansen

Professional Development Access Restricted
Celebrate Your Inner Wimp: Six Ways to Get Ahead by Showing Weakness
By: Geoffrey Tumlin

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Winners Never Cheat and Cheaters Lose Their Contracts
By: Jack Horan and Patrick J. Stanton

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